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October 9, 2012

Essay on GSR

GSR (Gun Shot Residue) is basically the combination of different type of gaseous elements that are the outcome of the weapon that is fired. These elements are the combustion products and the amalgam of nitrogen oxides, steam, carbon dioxide and monoxide.
The use of GSR n the field of criminology is highly important. As discussed above that when weapon is fired, the GSR is formed and discharged in the shape of gaseous elements and leave it identification on the weapon and on the person’s clothes and body who fired that.
The presences of these GSR gaseous elements are the key source in identifying the real situation in criminal investigation that who are involved in firing. The GSR particles can be identified and gleaned by using thorough analysis and tests such as scanning electronic microscope (SEM) etc. through proper analysis and investigation, the GSR particles can be identified in the shape of nitrates and nitrates particles. (Thornton & Goldman, 1976)
remove easily by doing daily activities including, washing, bathing, sweating and even having restrooms etc. the difference between the clothing and skin is that the clothes does not the activites such as washing, bathing, sweating, etc. there-selves but they could be effected by that elements therefore, strict attentions are inevitable in the perspective of time-administration because delay may cause the destruction and elimination of the evidences. According to the study, the GSR particles get removed in 3 to 4 hours time period.


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