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October 9, 2012

Essay on Hereafter: Movie

Movie: Hereafter
Hereafter is the fiction film that belong to Mystery, Drama & Suspense, genre. The film has the total play time of 2 hr. 9 min and on in theatre from Oct 15, 2010. The film did the business of $28.7 Million in US box office. It is directed by Clint Eastwood and distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures.
The film has the renowned multinational cast that played the key role to make a space in US box office. The film comprises the following cast:
The Cast
Marthe Keller as Dr. Rousseau, Matt Damon as George, Fileena Bahris as Tsunami Survivor,  Bryce Dallas Howard as Melanie, C├ęcile De France as Marie LeLay, Kelli Shane as Young Mom, Jenifer Lewis as Candace, Derek Jacobi as Himself, Jay Mohr as Billy, Richard Kind as Christos, George McLaren as Jason, Steve Schirripa as Carlo, , Nikki Harrup as Waitress, Frankie McLaren as Marcus, Monique Soltani as Cooking Student and Thierry Neuvic as Didier.
The film demonstrates the story of three individuals who experienced the death in different ways. George is an American citizen who has a special link to the eternal life. On the other side of the world, a French journalist known as Marie, has a near-death experience that trembles her. And when a English schoolboy Marcus, misplaces the person who is closest to him, he dreadfully needs answers. In search of truth, their lives will interconnect, forever altered by what they believe might--or must--exist in the henceforth

The Scheme

Hereafter interlinked together the story of a French news anchor, Marie LeLay, a factory worker, George Lonegan, and a boy named Marcus.
After vacationing on the coast of an island Marie faced the tropical storm where she’s harshly injured and sinks only to come back to life a number of minutes afterward. After experiencing that event, she started to have imagined the other side of the life, which causes her to turn into an outsider.
The second part  or story of the film belongs  to San Francisco where Matt Damon's George is being pressurize to give a psychic material/reading to his brother's colleague, but George is clearly not-comfortable, having given up using the talents to contact those people  who have  passed on to try and enjoy  a usual life. In simple words, George is a man who previously used his extraordinary capability for profit but felt the stress and reputation had become too much.
The third story belongs to Marcus, whose twin brother is hit down by a car and murdered. Left as an alone child, he’s taken out of the protection of his mother who are drug addict and put into advance care. It’s the turning point for him when he goes to find a medium which can assist him to contact the other side so that he could talk to his brother who killed in road accident.

The Pros:

The young actors Frankie and George McLaren who acts the twins Marcus and Jason did a remarkable work. To pronounce that they wrap the film would be sarcasm. They had to exhibit a number of different emotions such as fear, sadness, shock,  and they did it all perfectly and artistically.

The Cons:

The Music of the film is not according to the standard; Eastwood once again used dull music for this unique film, which was not a good choice. Sometimes, score seemed out of position. There were also scenes and events when it was too noisy and domineering, most particularly at the climax, when character of Damon has a revelation. The violins puffs out to a noisy climax that make a rather grave moment seem cheap.
The film’s Narrative Structure is also loosely connected, in the film as stated earlier. There are three storylines and regrettably, I didn’t mind about any of them. Two of the stories have clear connection but the third story was not so much well connected and to find that connection one have to wait so that all three stories got connected, and when they finally do, the whole connection is not actually interested.
The overall Story is boring and loosely connected. Possibly on paper the idea of the film sounds astonishing but it doesn’t translate well onto the film. The overall film is not visually interesting and appealing. The only thing that is interesting and grasps viewer’s attention is the opening scene that portrays the huge tidal wave overcomes a town. Besides that the overall graphical representation is not appealing.
The Pace of the movie is also far from the story: It takes completely excessively long for this film to find its idea. There are three stories and out of these three, the story of  Marcus was the most horrible. One could see Marie and George gradually inching towards each other, and when they finally do meet, Marcus gets terrified.
Overall, the film is not enjoyable at all because of the obligatory ending and the pathetic score. The performances and idea are well-mannered the film is emotionally-complex and not well organized because of loosely connected ideas.


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