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October 9, 2012

Essay on Hispanic American Diversity

Hispanic American Diversity
This paper is the discussion and overview about the religious, socio-economic, cultural, linguistic, political and familial issues of the Hispanic American groups.
Hispanic is the term that is used in United States to categorize the US citizens either they are permanent residents, or temporary immigrants who belonged either to Latin America or any other Spanish speaking culture or countries.
The term Hispanic is used as a form of classification for the immigrants and descendants of a wide range of ethnicities, races and nationalities, foreign and native born, who use either English or Spanish as their primary language. Hispanics are the only ethnic group for which the US Census Bureau keeps statistics. Everybody else is classified as non-Hispanic and categorized by race. (wordiq, 2010)
Mexican Americans
Mexican Americans have diversified characteristics and have successfully secured linguistic assimilation with social, economic and legal status in the USA. Hispanics are one of the biggest minorities of United States. They do work hard to manage their financial and economic needs and focus to boost their moral that they are legal USA citizen like others. Basically, the Hispanics are those, who born in the United States or the residents of USA for the last ten years and are able to speak English properly. Among the Hispanic, English is the dominant language in second generation but the monolingualism seems to be common in their 3rd generation. The apparent majority of Spanish language that is used by Hispanic is the result of recent immigration. The Mexican Americans are not in personal business activities or belong to any wide spread ethnic groups and economic activities as compared with the Cuban Americans who lived in majority in Miami. If the History of immigrations to America analyzed, it is revealed that the Mexican did a little progress to get the mainstream status in the society as compared with others. According to the study this was because of the discrimination that these people bearded and the poor development opportunities including education that were provided to them. (Alba, 2006)
Puerto Ricans American
The Puerto Rican Americans have the population of 3.2 million as per the latest estimate. Most of the Puerto Ricans are Roman Catholic with the minor combination of Protestant school of thought’s followers. These are Castilian Spanish language speaker that has a direct link with ancient Latin. They live in USA to gain the economic benefit and better earnings like other Hispanic groups and now become fluent English speakers.
Puerto Rico is the USA’s common wealth that has its own governance, constitution, legislation system and authorities. Because of this status, the Puerto Ricans are considered as immigrants. The integration of Puerto Rican Americans has both positive and negative sides. As per the data the 25% Puerto Rican American are the residents of United States while 55% live in the Puerto Rico, that 55% percent of the habitant are still facing serious problems in spite of the USA citizenship that itself has many advantages. These 55% percent are still struggling for the economic betterment despite their excessive use of drugs, limited educational opportunities and their family cultures’ splits. (everyculture, 2010)
Dominican Americans
The Dominican Americans are the native Spanish language speakers but have the ability to speak English. The Dominican Americans follow different school of thought and religion like Protestant, Catholic, AfroChristian and Jewish. These people prefer to have belonging with the Dominican Republic and because of this, the number of Dominicans returned to their republic to establish their own business in their own homeland after getting the experience from USA.
As per the study, majority of the Dominicans entered in the USA illegally by using the backdoor of Puerto Rico. However, these Dominicans are very much familiar with the American Culture and values and these values are seems to be popular among them but because they are novice in the USA, therefore sometime they seem to be resilient or sometime not to accommodate the USA culture in their life and socio-economic values. Because of that issue, these Dominicans prefer to promote their own culture and values than to follow the USA norms properly. According to a study Dominicans are headed to the poverty in the era of 1990s that was because of single-parent issue or units that were mostly headed by the ladies. Furthermore, among the Dominicans, the family and family structure are very important as compared with the American society. (everyculture, 2010)
Cuban Americans
The Cuban Americans has a special characteristic to use expressive gestures, specially the hand gestures. Many Cuban arrived or migrated to the USA in the quest of better living and future. The main reason behind was to get-rid from their rigid government and bad economic conditions. When Cubans migrated to USA for better future, they preferred to follow the American norms like allow their ladies to work. Most of the Cubans are Catholic and their culture is inspired by the Spanish colonists who captured and settled in the Cuba. Furthermore, some Cubans belong to other religions like Jewish, Santeria with the number of those who don’t believe on any religion. Because of their Spanish background, these Cuban Americans prefer to speak Spanish with the American English that is their necessity to live in the United States and because of this awareness, the majority of the Cuban Americans are now included into the culture’s mainstream.
Cuban Americans are politically very active and their representatives are now in the House of Senate and United States House of Representatives and they prefer to support and vote for American Republicans. The Cuban Americans are hard worker in nature and played a vital role to support the US economy by establishing and promoting the business specially in Miami that is the catalyst of the current status and development of the City as well as they also proved themselves as honest and hard working individual in other cities and states like Florida etc. Among the Cubans the family structure is less important if it is compared with the other Latino cultures. (Cato, 200)
This Diversity of Hispanic American groups has many differences and equalities. One of the Uniqueness is the Spanish language background that seems to be common in all the above mentioned groups, although each group speaks Spanish language but has diversified dialect and origin. The religion factor is also seems equal because the majority’s religion is catholic. Another aspect that makes each group a unique entity that is their different social and culture background and beliefs but the adherence with family system and values as compared with USA culture but it is also the important factor that some of these groups modified there family values according to the USA norms.
Furthermore, the Cuban Americans are that group that made a prominent place in American society by doing hard work in business and  politics and still has noticeable influence and presence  in USA politics and economic development as compared with other groups. On the other hand, The Puerto Ricans also did progress but they preferred to their homeland development while the Mexican Americans progress are still in somewhere that need more attention.
This diversity of Hispanic American groups gave the new dimension of the USA culture, economy and social values that is the beauty of America to accept other’s value system by providing opportunities.


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