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October 28, 2012

Essay on Industrial Banking

Industrial Banking
With the advent of the 21st century the sector of banking has experienced unprecedented revolution especially in providing quality services and support to their regular as well as prospective clients by providing them the most superior level of conveniences and amenities to their clients. Realizing the importance of such marketing strategies in order to grab consumer attention many financial institutions have started to develop networks and databases through which they can provide their customers with the facility and easiness of instantaneous banking accessibility irrespective of the time and space boundaries present.
In order to properly form and market the concept of a corporate library it is highly important to execute adequate research in order to ensure that all necessary criteria and important benchmarks required for the formation of the library are satisfied. First and foremost arrives the research part which is of integral value as it provides the engineers undertaking the task of forming a corporate library to develop an understanding about the ways in which other corporate libraries have been formed and through what ways can they actually make their idea of corporate library much more beneficial and convenient for investment bankers.
 In the case that we have at our disposal it is the investment banker that is our target market audience, therefore the salient features of the corporate library must be able to correspond with the needs and requirements of people that are encompassed within the investment circle of the bank. With the help of proper marketing techniques the very idea of corporate library must be looked down upon as a new way through which customer support objectives can be fulfilled in the most effectual way. One of the key steps that can help in the acquisition of this objective is the formation of databases that can help investors and customers get introduced to the kinds of services and facilities that the banking corporation is actually providing them.
Along with this the corporate library must also support the corporate mission statement of the organization, define the purpose and the objective for which the library or the information center is being created. Once the initial set of tasks is accomplished it is then important to actually demarcate the different market segments and the specific area of services that they need to invest greatest time, money and resources in. these market segments can most easily be outlined with the help of surveys and other researches that can provide the organization a clear overview about the corporate segment that makes the most use of their services, the top ten subject areas which their clients like to surf about, common repetitive tasks, recent customer complaints and ways through which it can be resolved in the easiest way possible.
Moreover the objective of the corporate library is not achieved until proper, sufficient and contemporary library based material is not available for investors. The database of the library must be able to provide the accessibility to its customers and investors regarding competitor intelligence reports, statistical figures of different companies which are indicative about the growth or slump that any other organization is encountering, financial profiles of companies so that the investor may be able to explore new investment opportunities in future.
Additionally, it is also important that a proper research team is designed and employed with the function of standardizing and managing the function of content search so that every person is provided the amenity to access the material and information that is related and relevant to his profession. When talking about contemporary information it is also important that with the help of web services and facility customers and investors are provided timely and immediate information about the latest news and happenings that are occurring at stock market, share price fluctuations and other major events that are taking place in the different segments of the corporate sector.
Furthermore, clients and users of the library service must also be updated on regular basis in order to provide users first hand information regarding websites through which they can obtain latest information and analysis regarding the various dimensions of the market. With the establishment and subsequent promulgation of such systems the bank will be able to provide a completely unconventional look to the concept and use of corporate libraries that have not been used or applied at this level.

There are a number of different associations that can prove helpful in the development of the corporate library. Most of this will include in approaching people in which the concept of corporate libraries is already promulgated and is being properly implemented.

Secondly proper homework will also be required in developing strategies through which its databases and other technological complications are also resolved. Furthermore it is also important that a reputable outhouse company is hired for the proper regulation of the entire library mechanism and its maintenance in the most proper way.    

 It is highly recommended and appropriate that the presentation of the corporate library must be provided by means of a power point presentation as through the utilization of this tool, the entire idea of corporate library, its database, salient features and the various aspects of facilities and amenities that it provides to people can be projected and explained in the most effective way possible. (Shroff, 2007)
Moreover the system established will also keep record of the complaints and queries that are being inquired by the customer as these will directly be registered in the customer support of the bank. With such a system customers will be provided the facility of taking advantage and will be provided the simplicity of being in constant interaction with the bank staff for resolving any of their concerns and complains that they have regarding any appropriate matter. (Bhaskar, 2001)  


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