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October 28, 2012

Essay on Inspiration

What is Inspiration?
The term inspiration can be used in a variety of contexts and meanings. This inspiration can be applied in terms of artistry which is used in the production of a creative product. Similarly it can also be applied in a creative way through which a new invention is created.
But an important that needs to be mentioned here is that inspiration is the process through which a person obtains and acquires the idea through which he can engage himself in the task which have been discussed above. It is usually said that people belonging to the different vocations of art such as artistry and writing are very observant and cautious about their surroundings and it is basically their observation that enables them to gain the inspiration that plays a highly pivotal role in their work.
Artists such as painters are usually inspired by their surroundings in the form of awe-inspiring and panoramic landscapes or the disorders that they observe taking place in the society in multitude forms, hence priorities for each of these artists vary depending on the subject and area that is most intriguing to them, therefore it can also be said that the meaning of the term inspiration and its subsequent application varies from person to person and also upon his or her personal interests and priorities.
Talking about writers for some romance is their core study and area of interest that inspires them the most whereas on the flip side there are also others who construct their plot and storyline on violence and the injustices that they see being carried out in the world in either subtle or manifested forms.
Apart from this another important aspect that needs to be dealt here is the connection between writers block and inspiration. Writers block is a condition mainly concerned and associated with the writing profession due to which the writer is unable to produce new work. There are wide scale variations that are viewed in this condition which can either be temporary or even sustainable depending on the intensity of the block or the cause that has resulted in the block. One of the major reasons which accounts for this conditions is the lack of inspirational characterstics or creative problems that emerge in the work done by the writer. Due to inspirational dearth the project upon which the writer is working on is fundamentally misconceived or interpreted in ways which can spark numerous contradictions pinpointing the loopholes and anomalies that are present in the work.
A prominent example which is usually associated with the phenomenon of writers block created due to lack of inspirational abilities is George Orwell’s Keep the Aspidistra Flying in which the protagonist of the story continues a futile struggle to complete an epic poem through which he could describe a day in London.
One of the lines from the story that comprehensibly manifest the occurrence of this situation is "It was too big for him, that was the truth. It had never really progressed; it had simply fallen apart into a series of fragments." Even though it would be inaccurate to label lack of inspiration as the key reason behind the creation of writers block as there are others of equally prominent nature also. (Orwell, 1999)


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