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October 15, 2012

Essay on Issues Dealing with Business

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Issues Dealing with Business
When people work together in a organization or at same place, the conflicts among them keep rising by time to time, because every person has his or her own ideas, thinking, way of perceptions to deal with the issue and to handle the situations, which is the main cause of conflict. Although, there are lot of other critical issues but managing the human capital and to motivate them to work as a team to accomplish the same main target by doing their assigned responsibilities is not a simple task because managing the different human psychologies simultaneously itself is the science that always needs to modify on the basis of past experience, practices, theories and ground realities.
Following are the pragmatic step by step guidelines to reduce the workplace conflicts among the employees:
·         Identify the problem. Make sure everyone involved knows exactly what the issue is, and why they are arguing. Talk it out until everyone agrees that there is a problem, and understands what the key issues are
·          Allow every person involved to clarify his or her perspectives and opinions about the problem. Make sure everyone has an opportunity to express an opinion. If necessary, establish a time limit (say, five minutes per person), and make sure each person sticks to the limit while stating his or her case. It is your responsibility to make sure all participants feel safe and supported
·          Identify the ideal end result, from each party’s point of view. It might surprise everyone to discover that their visions are not so far apart after all
·          Figure out what can realistically be done to achieve each individual’s goals. If action is taken, how will this affect other projects and objectives? Will the end result be worth the time and energy spent? If the attempt fails, what’s the worst that can happen?
·          Find an area of compromise. Is there some part of the issue on which everyone agrees? If not, try to identify long-term goals that mean something to everyone, and start from there. (All Business)
A manager should pay the proper attention on the issues that arises by the employees, this activity will act as a peace soother for employees that at least their voice is being heard properly by the management. On the other hand, the management would also be able to take more pragmatic and result oriented decision that would not only reduce the rate of conflicts but also create and promote the win-win situation. One should bear in mind that a good manager has an ability to listen properly and resolve the issue proactively (Drucker, 1954).
Furthermore, to promote the corporate governance, it is the responsibility of the management to provide the comprehensive information about the codes of conduct, communication, controls, compensation and incentives, censure, culture, personal leadership conduct and convictions. (Mueller, 2009).


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