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October 28, 2012

Essay on Literature and Community

Literature and Community
Literature and Community
The kind and genre of literature that is written is basically a reflection of the different members of the community and the temperament of its different members. Even though every person has a different sense of approach through which they view any kind of literary work that is at their disposal, but most of these literature works are written through a generalized perspective catering to the values, norms and practices that are indicative and synchronized within the members of the community.
On the flip side there are a number of literary works that have instead focused on how communities should work and coordinate with other important social components for the effective and better functioning of the society whereas many other accentuate upon the learning of valuable lessons. Therefore literature since its beginning has always had a profound impact on the working of the community once after people began to understand and acquired the skill of reading and writing.
Two such pieces of literary works that of are special significance when discussing and highlighting the influence of literature on community are the Rose for Emily written by William Faulkner and Shiloh by Bobbie Ann Mason. The writing and situational setting of both these novels provides a thorough outlook of the ways through which literatures influences societal and communal behavior and functioning. (DiYanni, 2007)

A Rose for Emily
In the Rose for Emily the author William Faulkner sheds light upon the different problems that people are confronted with after the departure of people whom they love and care most for. Even the language in which the entire novel is written is very ironical; there are a number of evidences through which the reader gets an idea about the economic and social limitations and problems that people go in life after the demise of their loved ones. The ways through which they make their ends meet and the methods and strategies they make use of in order to prevent themselves from falling into the pit of poverty. Moreover the story also highlights the economic aspect of heavy and back-breaking taxation to which people are imposed in order to gain access and advantage of the different services and benefits that the government provides them. These regulations are to be adhered strictly under all conditions irrespective of the financial background or complications that one might be encountering.
Another novel that outlines the different aspects of female liberty and the barriers that prevent such freedom can be witnessed in Bobbie Ann Mason’s Shiloh. The story of the novel revolves around a young girl Norma Jean who is conceived with a baby and is therefore tie knot with Leroy who is the legitimate father of the child.
As the story progresses drastic changes are observed in Norma’s character as she becomes extremely dynamic and determined to acquire her liberty and break free from the hurdles and impediments demarcated by her family responsibilities.  The crux of the story comprehensibly manifests that women need to be provided their deserving liberty and they unlike others must be free to do whatever they desire. Secondly it also pinpoints that change within a person according to circumstances or other reasons is a natural process which cannot be prevented. It was predominantly stories like Shiloh that later served as the harbinger to the contemporary prevalent sixth wave feminism.


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