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October 28, 2012

Essay on Marketing A Business

When it comes to understanding the strategies that are applied and implemented while advertising any product there are two different kinds of approaches that are normally used. One of these is based on a more fundamentalist and rudimentary kind of approach in which the manufacturer and the entrepreneur intend to stick to the basics of marketing principles, whereas the other approach is considered as aggressive where the kingpins of a company decide to take the market by storm by redefining the conventional rules and injunctions of how a product is advertised.
This kind of marketing anticipates taking the market by storm and irrespective of the adverse repercussions that it has on the performance and revenue generation of the company, it can be said without any doubt that such marketing techniques and strategies play a pivotal role in creating their own specific mindshare within the consumer’s memory.
It is important to mention and consider here that the kind of product and commodities that the organization specializes or sells is an important determinant in the planning of the market strategy that an organization intends to adopt and implement upon.
The Counter Culture Image
Keeping this in mind we can now look at the case and challenges that company such as Wal-Mart and Sears encounter in the planning of a counter culture market and advertising strategy. Both of these are departmental food stores where people expect to find their daily commodities without any inconvenience and at the same time at a cheap rate also.
Hence the mode of their marketing is restricted through the kind and nature of products that they deal with, therefore it is important for them to maintain a similar kind of fundamentalist marketing strategy in order to maintain their influence upon their consumers.
Furthermore the millions of customers that visit stores like Wal-mart and Sears do not expect the store to have the scarcity of any product that they even think the customer would like to purchase simply because they want to compete and create a distinguishing market image unlike Urban Fitters. (Anderson, 2004)
Big Box Stores and Urban Outfitters
As mentioned earlier the kind and nature of product and its target audience and market are highly important in the determination of a marketing strategy. Big box stores like Wal-Mart. Sears and Target are some of the superstores that deal with products and commodities of everyday use need to maintain the enormous revenues that they generate for the massive labor force that operates in the global chains that these stores have, hence it is increasingly difficult for their strategies to be counter cultural in any way.
For example an integral feature of Urban Fitter’s marketing strategy is based upon surging the demand of a garment by increasing its scarcity. How can a customer who visits Target Corporation to purchase his everyday products are told that there is no milk available at the store because we are trying to increase its demand by promoting its scarcity. This would sound completely ridiculous and gibberish. Hence it is not possible for either kind of stores to deal with their target audiences in the same way. (Morris and Dwight, 2001)

Exclusivity in Business
In these competitive times all organizations intend to introduce measures that can bring creativity in the way they market and advertise the products that they manufacture. In order to fulfill this objective the importance of exclusitivity has enhanced phenomenally in contemporary business.
One of the basic benefits that this element helps in obtaining is that such businesses are able to cater their own niche target market through the way they intend to advertise their market. Secondly, it is the exclusive nature of the business and their market strategy that entices different demographic segments to know about the brand and its dynamics.
Third and most important is that such measures collectively help in increasing the revenues that are produced by the organization which is the most important in contributing to the success and development of the organization. (Dwyer and John, 2006)
Shopping as Entertainment
I think that to a substantial extent the statement of Senk that shopping is largely entertainment is accurate. One of the reasons due to which I would prefer aligning my perspective with that of Senk is that in such competitive times when people work for long hours in order to make their ends meet, they are rarely provided time which they can spend for themselves and when they do get an opportunity shopping is the first place that pops in their head.
Concomitantly, it is also important to understand that shopping today is a wide spectrum terminology which cannot be restricted to the purchase of garments and cosmetics; it constitutes a diverse range of other amenities that also form this entire activity. This includes having fun with kids at a play area in a mall, purchasing garments and other necessary commodities and finally a dinner at a restaurant.
All of these entertaining things collectively form the weekend of a family going for a shopping exercise. Since people today dedicate less time to other entertaining elements such as watching a movie or hanging out with friends due to time management problems, the significance of shopping as the sole entertainment in their life has amplified considerably. (Plunkett, 2006)


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