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October 28, 2012

Essay on Marketing Case Analysis

Marketing Case Analysis
Marketing Strategy and Campaign of Starbucks
In the case study that has been provided by means of a video tells about the new coffee flavor that has been launched by the prominent and highly reputable coffee maker Starbucks. The organization has recently launched a couple of new coffee flavors which include Italian and Colombian and in order to receive some feedback regarding the regarding the newly launched coffee brands, people views are being inquired.
From a corporate perspective I believe it is one of the most enforcing ways through which any newly launched product or brand can be advertised and managed at the same time but with its own pros and cons. Through the feedback that has been gathered from various numbers of people that have been interviewed regarding the coffee brand, most of the people registered positive and optimistic comments regarding the taste and feeling of coffee. Some people said that it provides them the pleasant feeling of being present in Europe and helps them in overcoming last night’s hangover. When a comparative strategy was applied by outlining the difference of taste provided by Starbucks and coffee provided by other competitive brands such as Nestle or other coffee making companies, most of the people said that the taste is much stronger and bolder in that context, but when they were asked as if they would try it again most of the replied in affirmative.
The marketing strategy applied by Starbucks for the promotion of their coffee brand makes use of their reputation and credibility which is simultaneously coupled with an ingenious use of marketing tactics and consumer handling skills to which Starbucks is completely familiar to. In order to promote their new product the company provided free samples to all regular clients and customers visiting them and they were subsequently inquired to register their feedback about the taste of the brand. Through the application of such marketing exercise even those people who do not have a natural likeness or taste familiarity with coffee endeavored to taste a sample since it was being provided to them for free. Another important management feature that enhances the success probability of the new brand is that unlike other coffee brands, the newly introduced products and brands by the company are instant in terms of preparation and provide consumers the convenience of swift accessibility and availability of coffee to people. Some people who commented that the taste of the coffee brand was bold or strong concurrently said that they could taste the coffee at some other occasion also, regardless of the fact that most people do not admire having strong taste coffees early in the morning. (Fifield, 2007)
Identification of Problems
In alliance to this some other who was interviewed also registered their woes about the diverse complications of instant coffees, but also said that they would try the instant coffee brand that has been launched by Starbucks. In both situations that have been mentioned in this context it is the previously established and consequently cemented credibility of the organization that plays an instrumental role in bringing customers that either have problems regarding instant coffee or found the coffee brands to be strong and bold in taste. One of the problems that can be identified in the entire campaign that has been launched by Starbucks is that the financial aspects of the campaign or the launched product have not been highlighted by the campaigners as a result of which people have not been provided any idea regarding the cost or the nutritional value of the coffee which is an integral component missing from the entire campaign. In addition to this adequate information regarding the product such as any special name, logo or tagline that further defines and outlines the aspect of the product have not been limelighted which could have facilitated greater audience support and encouragement. Moreover any specific target audience for the newly launched product has also not been outlined in the campaign methodology that has been chosen by the company.
Proposed Solutions
There are a couple of solutions that can be proposed in order to counter the multitude loopholes and shortcomings that are present in the marketing campaign of the newly launched products. One of the ways through which all these problems can easily be overcome is by campaigning the newly launched brands and taste of coffee by means of advertisement. With the help of advertisement, the organization where on one hand will be able to showcase the different characterstics of the coffee; on the other hand will also be able to introduce a special tagline and logo for the product which makes it different in terms of taste for the target audience it is being launched for. (Sutherland and Sylvester, 2009)
It is also worth mentioning here that an organization like Starbucks can easily afford to advertise its products even through an expensively launched campaign in order to reach a massive audience and concurrently promoting it with the help of electronic media channels and vehicles. It is also important to mention here that the campaign launched by Starbucks in this case is indeed a novel corporate strategy, but it would undoubtedly be an overstatement to say that the campaign is complete and flawless in every way because of the prominent ambiguities that are present in the entire campaign. With the implementation of all these marketing strategies the organization can organize its financial operations of pricing, distribution and promotion of newly launched products in a much better way. (Chauhan, 1995)
Recommendations and Implementation
The solutions and recommendations provided can only be implemented on a broader organizational level if the management of the organization takes some serious steps regarding the promulgation of these reforms and marketing methodologies and procedures. If the management gravely feels that with the introduction of these methods and campaigning styles an improvement in the feedback and audience response can occur, then these suggestions with their necessary and significant alterations can be forwarded to the kingpins of the organization who can promulgate and provide a green signal to the entire campaign to take place. (Miner, 2007)


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