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October 28, 2012

Essay on Marriage

The article entitled as Shotgun weddings which has been written by Katha Pollit primarily accentuates upon the need and efforts through which the institution of family can be strengthened in the country. It has commonly been observed that as far as the sustenance of the family institution in the United States is concerned it has always experienced and has been confronted with numerous challenges all of which have collectively contributed to the meltdown of this institution.
In order to restore and reinstate the importance and relevance of this institution in an individual’s life states legislators are formulating different kinds of policies out of which the allotment and allocation of bonuses to people intending to tie the knot is the most prominent and contentious at the same time.
Analysts and different proficients from the field of sociology look at this issue through different perspectives. Some view it as a complete non-sense others view it as an attempt that can help in providing adequate relief to poor woman and children. However the epicenter for all such attempts and policies that are being designed intend to fulfill a sole purpose of restoring the significance of the family structure which can only be executed by reestablishing a smooth and consistent matrimonial arrangement.
One of the claims that can be made after understanding the article that has been provided is that the policy that is being formulated in the midst of the reformation and restructuring of the marriage institution will not be an effective measure. Furthermore this will be considered and evaluated by the liberal faction of the country as an attempt to threaten their personal privacy and liberty.
Concurrently, it is also important that a balance perspective regarding the issue is analyzed and assessed respectively in order to get a clear idea in context of the issue that is being stated and therefore it is important that an opposing side of the argument is considered first which will be in conformity to the policies that the state intends to formulate and promulgate respectively.
An important reason that I feel is important to mention here is the fact that it is the responsibility of the state to formulate measures and invest efforts through which they can encourage and help him or her in exploring frontiers in improving their lifestyle and simultaneously finding a better source of income for their personal as well as family sustenance.
In addition to this the plan that has been presented by the government will also provide unwed couples a stable income from the government which abstain them from participating in illicit activities such as drug usage and other crime provoking exercises. Therefore in order to marginalize the engagement of poor demographic segments of the society it is important that the government and state legislators promulgate and implement upon policies which will not only prove helpful in sustaining the population but also helps them in constructing a better and socially acceptable life for themselves. (Osborne, 2003)
On the flip side there are also many side effects and adverse repercussions that are associated with a coerced from of marriage formation that is being enforced by the government.   First and foremost I believe that the governmental effort of eradicating or alleviating poverty from the country by implementing these measures is a fleetingly existent reform.
This is mainly because poor unwed women or men will automatically find a life partner or marry a person belonging to similar financial background; hence instead of lessening poverty they would rather be encouraging the proliferation of poverty in subtle ways.
Along with this another key point that can be stated in opposition of the argument that has been presented above is the fact that a nation like America has always accentuated overwhelmingly on providing complete freedom and liberty to its people and has always taken immense pride on a global scale as far as respect towards individual rights and their freedom is concerned. According to scholars and advocates of this liberty it is being said that by promulgating such policies at state level US is basically attempting to sabotage all such previously taken efforts and policies which constitute the independence of American people by persuading and cajoling reluctant people to marry.
An important component that they are unable to comprehend is that despite of their efforts such marriages will never be able to last long and would ultimately result in surging the divorce rate that is already one of the highest in the world. Hence such reforms will not prove perpetual in nature as far as providing a stable and relief filled environment to newly wedded couples is concerned. (Pollit, 2002)


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