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October 31, 2012

Essay on Nanjing Chuangqi Auto Paers

Nanjing Chuangqi Auto Parts
First, and foremost, the financial records and statistics of the organization must manifest the fact that the company after the fulfillment of their expansion reforms will still be able to sustain itself in a stable and profitable position. Secondly, another crucial point that needs to be considered the processes that need to be kept in mind while undergoing or conducting the entire expansion project. From the analysis of the case study, it can be concluded that the company must not speed up with its expansion projects and must stick to its fundamental business practices keeping in mind the current financial position going on. If the decision regarding the expansion of the organization is finalized by the management team then it is important to use local labor force for the fulfillment of this objective.
Another reason due to which I particularly emphasized on the slow movement of the organization as far as expansion of the company is concerned is primarily because of the reason that China would soon be included among the member states of World Trade Organization through which it would be able to extract substantial incentives, which would prove particularly beneficial for the steady and sustainable growth and development of small businesses, in particular, hence all decisions regarding the changes in supply management must be formulated in accordance with the changes in the local as well as global market scenarios and changes. (Bowon, 2005)

The b � e n M XlN pic of Gilgamesh and the different sequence of events that mark his journey are to a substantial extent in correspondence to the multitude stages and phases that had been discussed by Campbell. At the initial stage Gilgamesh enters from a real world where he is seen as an oppressive ruler to a supernatural world where he is introduced to the divine creature Enkidu.
With the help of Enkidu he transits to the stage which Campbell refers to as the call of adventure. With the help and companionship of Enkidu both of them accomplish various difficult and tedious tasks. The road to trial stage arrives with the loss of Enkidu in the life of Gilgamesh and this was precisely the phase which provided Gilgamesh the opportunity to graduate to a phase where he achieved the goal or boon.
The goal and boon was in the form of realizing the pain and harshness that his people had been suffering at his hands coupled with a process of self-evaluating himself in becoming a better leader and savior for his people and nation.
The Epic and Heroism
            The epic of Gilgamesh sheds light upon the various dimensions of heroism. It makes us understand that a hero is not just a person who performs the acts of bravery or life saving for people. The term heroism is within itself a complete process of transformation that takes place at physical as well as mental level.
This process motivates a person to self-evaluate and analyze himself at various levels in making him understand the loopholes and shortcomings that are within a person, acknowledges the fact that the problems that are within him need to be addressed and subsequently rectified, and with this vision and objective in mind he makes progress and steps into a phase through which he anticipates to reform and refine his life for benefiting not himself but also the people who are dependent upon him either directly or indirectly.
The epic tale of Gilgamesh emphasizes upon these dimensions of heroism through which the formation of a natural hero is made possible.
            In conclusion it would be appropriate that the theory that has been presented by John Campbell as monomyth applies to various mythical and epic adventure supernatural tales that have been created in the past for the sheer reason of entertainment, but apart from the entertainment component there are also a couple of other morals that can also be easily derived from these tales.
For example once again applying the situation and case of Gilgamesh we will come to know that God or any divine entity in which one may believe in provides every person with more than once chance to drift from the path to destruction and perdition to the track which leads to ultimate safety and security in all capacities.
Similar was the case and situation that was encountered by Gilgamesh. After oppressing and persecuting his people for an extensive period of time God tests him by sending a divine creature and then taking it back. The loss of a loved one proved to be a turning point in bringing a revolution in the life of Gilgamesh which made him an upright and just rule. Hence to some extent claiming the fact that myths and epics are also accompanied with a touch of realism may not be completely inaccurate.  


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