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October 31, 2012

Essay on Nawabdin Electrician

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Nawabdin Electrician
The story revolves the life and experiences of a poor and intelligent electrician who works for a feudal lord of interior Punjab known as K.K. Harouni. As far as the question regarding the morality of the central character of the story is concerned I think that throughout the story he has been able to live up to the standards of morality and has shown good display of ethics. In the exchange of the services that he has offered for the feudal lord he made use of his excellent standard of service providing to demand a motorbike from him which he was also provided without any complication. Since it was an outcome of his service I do not think that it was in any way immoral or unethical. However towards the end of the story the issue of morality can be subjected to argument. It is mainly in this case that Nawabdin by not pardoning the thief displays an act of immorality, but I do feel that in a societal and cultural setup in which Nawabdin resides such kinds of acts of forgiveness are not a regular practice and hence his act corresponds with his cultural norms as well as temperamental makeover. (Muennuddin, 2007)
As a person Nawabdin is very simple and does not understand the complications of world affairs. He is more of a family kind person who intends to ensure that his wife and children live a happy and prosperous life. Such people face immense difficulty when they are spontaneously confronted with extraordinary situations. However I completely agree with the decisions that Nawabdin took in each and every situation that he faced especially when his bike was stolen by a thief. Reason for this is primarily because if the robber would have been spared he would have somehow repeated similar kind of criminal acts by befooling and then looting someone else in a similar way. His act of mercy might have encouraged rather than condemning the kind of activity a robber executes. Moreover by not forgiving the robber Nawabdin also created an example that a blind mother and poor conditions does not legitimize the execution and indulgence in an illicit activity.
I personally feel that there are many reasons due to which I would provide a positive feedback to the story, first and foremost the story as it talks and discusses the rural conditions of the Punjab province very beautifully outlines the small dreams and desires of a person who in such conditions intends to dream with a big vision and anticipates to change his and his family’s condition through struggle and hard work. Moreover another important aspect that the story enlightens is the issue of morality and ethics. This came into play when one of the most previous possessions of Nawabdin, his motorcycle is snatched by a bandit who at the very same time gets the punishment of his committed crime. Even though one may argue that by displaying the element of mercy and forgiveness the author would have projected the message of humanity and affection on behalf of the society that he himself belongs to, but even in that case the story would have lost the essence and attitude that it projects in its unaltered form. Moreover such kind of a move by the author would have made the story more conventional and even more fictitious in terms of composition.

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Some of the NATO countries like Russia, France and Germany decided to part ways from the operation that they believed was unnecessary and would fuel uncontrollable and irrevocable wave of terrorism and extremism in the entire world.
As a result of such marginalization of allies NATO today is not involved in any direct kind of combat in the country but on the other hand has reorganized its agendas and motives towards the training, equipment and technical assistance of Iraqi forces that have been created since the formation of the interim government in the country.

Recommendation and Conclusion
In conclusion it would be appropriate to say that military operations that the NATO forces are engaged in Afghanistan and military training in Iraq are not providing any fruitful and effective results even after nine years since the War against Terrorism and as to what is speculated from experts and foreign policy specialists the entire military situation does not seem very favorable in terms of either the NATO or the US security forces.
The number of casualties is constantly on the surge with 2010 being the year registering the highest number of reported deaths of soldiers. Furthermore the operation has also fostered rifts in the civil and military relations of US which manifested itself in the retrenchment and axing of General McChrystal. Money and finance is constantly being pumped but the outcomes are nowhere to be seen.
Hence it is more or less a requirement and demand of time that NATO and US forces to devise cohesive strategies through the help of local population and the Afghan government devise a proper work plan structure through which they can ensure their proper withdrawal from the region and also shield themselves from the malignancy and defamation that the Red Army faced in 1979. (Morellie and Paul, 2009)
One of the initial steps that can be taken in this context is to establish and initiate negotiations with the rather diplomatic wing of Talibans.


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