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October 21, 2012

Essay on Observation of Gestures

This paper is about the study that based on the following research question: How are gestures used during interaction to communicate. To be specific we selected Gender for observation. For getting the answer of this question the qualitative approach is followed by visiting the United States District First Court of Appeal, the court located at 301 S. ML King Blvd. Tallahassee, Florida at the ending week of September 2010.
Gesture is the body language that is used to express the emotion according to the specific situations. The Gesture shows our emotions about our like, dislike and about our inner feelings as well. The observation of gesture is the technical work because to understand the human emotions is not the easy task. According to the Oxford dictionary: “a movement of part of the body, especially a hand or the head, to express an idea or meaning”. (oxforddictionaries 2010)
According to the sensagent dictionary the definition of gesture is: 1. Motion of hands or body to emphasize or help to express a thought or feeling. 2. Something done as an indication of intention"a political gesture" "a gesture of defiance". 3. The use of movements (especially of the hands) to communicate familiar or prearranged signals gesture (v.). (Sensagent 2010)
In other word, the gesture is the interpreter of the human mind that is the catalyst of generating different thoughts, feelings and emotions. (Xu J, Gannon PJ, Emmorey K, Smith JF, Braun AR 2009).
Our Hypothesis is the observation of Gestures during the Court room proceeding by using the qualitative technique in search of the answer: How are gestures used during interaction to communicate. According to the Hypothesis, the participants of the court room proceedings are Male adult and mature including judges and lawyers.
The visit is done during the ending week of September 2010 and the visiting point was the United States District First Court of Appeal, the court located at 301 S. ML King Blvd. Tallahassee, Florida. The target is to observer the gesture of different Male participants of the court including lawyer of both parties and the Judge with the comparison of Lady Juror. I analyzed the observation of the participant especially at the time of the arguments and remarks by the judge and other participants.  
The method that is used is the qualitative method by analyzing the situation, gesture and act on the specific location and circumstances as described earlier. The narrative format will be followed to describe the situation properly that is necessary to observe and demonstrate the gesture observations properly.
            Visiting the Criminal court, enable us to enhance our knowledge about the proceeding and the ability to observe the gesture of the participants. The observation was based on the ongoing court trial on the robbery and other crime. During the Proceeding Following observations are noticed:
When defense lawyer argued about the jury selection. At that point, he expressed his gesture by keeping wave his hand vertically and by holding the pen in his fingers’ grip. This gesture gave the information about the authoritative way to demonstrate the ideas and the level of confidence that was reflecting both by words and by the gesture.
When consulted with the source (it will not be shown, because of personal reason), the resource confirmed the information, showed his gesture by putting his hand on the shoulder and then slightly pressed it by whispering in the ear, that is the another observation that is noticed that showed the cautious behavior.
After that the defense attorney surprised about the request, the gesture observation that is noticed is the movement of hand by putting his hand on his side pocket with the movement of his head to the objection holder. This movement expressed his surprising and sarcastic feeling both because there was a little smile on the face as well.
After that discussion, the judge (trial) denied the objection and  gave his argument in a very impressive manner that it noticed by moving his head in different directions, addressing and looking the overall courtroom area, this was the projection of his confidence that he has sound knowledge about his decision and profession.
In that connection the judge Mr. Kahn gave the excellent comments about the situation. The Judge authoritative statement and way of delivering added more experience in the observation of gesture activity. He ruled out his decision about the proceeding with no expression on his face but the confidence with the slight vertical movements of his head when he was delivering his statement verbally, supporting with the little movement of his eyebrow. That was another sign of his confidence and clarity of his mind that what he is doing.
During the Judge proceeding, some faces expressed their frowning by changing their face dimensions including the responsible one, that was indicating the sign of disagreements with the judge but there was no any other chance for them.
The important point that is highly noticed, during all the proceedings, the Lady Jury member that was the point of discussion, kept smiling by sitting and crossing her hand. She didn’t speak single word but use her gesture showing her confidence and the acceptability of the Court judgment.

This observation gave us the answer of our question: How are gestures used during interaction to communicate? That is following: 
This visit enriched the experience about the court and its proceedings, the way that both parties argued and raised the concerns that was the totally unique experience, especially to observe the different types of gesture communications to express the Participants’ feelings in that particular situation that was the purpose to prepare this report (in narrative format).
Before this visit, there was no any idea in the mind that, how people specially the lawyers act in the court room, before this it was the imagination in my mind that the lawyer are very strict person who just delivered the orders but their arguments and the gesture behaviors changed that perceptions into that they all are the Human beings with feelings like others.
Here, it should be remembered that “the gesture is the interpreter of the human mind that is the catalyst of generating different thoughts, feelings and emotions”. (Xu J, Gannon PJ, Emmorey K, Smith JF, Braun AR 2009) as mentioned earlier.
The key finding that is noticed, the gesture movement of the lady Juror that change the perception that, the ladies are comparatively more emotional to express their feelings than the Men but this observation reveled the another face of the lady who was educated and professional that the emotions can be managed in a peaceful and ethical manner as well. It is another study or debate that how to control it but at least this visit was the catalyst to learn about the gestures.


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