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October 22, 2012

Essay on Personal Leadership Plan

Personal Leadership Plan
Leaders are those personalities with whom so many expectations are associated. Leadership is an activity in which a person influences others by his traits so that the people follow him. This is a movement that has a direct relationship with its followers.  People always follow those who have outstanding abilities to influence them by their deeds. The word “lead” itself describes the traits of a leader. It suggests that a leader is someone who has a powerful impact on the public and by this power he can guide and direct people in a certain dimension. A person can provide guidance only when a goal has been set thus his aim is already defined. He follows the path that is already determined. By definition a leader is a person who directs and leads other towards a predetermined goal.
The Personal Leadership Plan is the plan that provides the roadmap to the human brain that what will be the prospect path that will be followed in the quest of achieving success and glory. The Personal Leadership Plan is the type of analysis report that backed with the facts and figures about the past history and current status that can be used as a catalyst to shape future plan to get success.
In this paper the discussion will be based upon the Personal Leadership Plan on the perspective paramedical staff. At this point, it should be remembered that in the services of humankind the ethics and ethical values are key elements that define or redefine not only the image of the organization but also the image of particular leader in front of the masses.
In that connection, the moral and ethical responsibilities become comparatively more crucial and sensitive than to others. In the field of medical, a personnel keep come-across with the numerous incidents and information about the patients, their history, their disease, their symptoms and their severity etc. These all types of information are sensitive, especially for those cases where the patient is the victim of any type of STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease). Therefore, the ethics and ethical leader ship is highly inevitable that must be based upon no excuse and zero tolerance phenomenons in the perspective of information leakage. The reason on this inevitability is to protect the patient ego and personal life because if the patient confidentially leak, it may cause to damage his or her social life merely because of cutting remarks and social boycott activities by the social segments. ("Personal leadership plans," 2010)
As described earlier that in the services of humankind such as paramedical services, a leader must has  the virtue with high moral who not only act as the monarch to take and implement the decisions but also has the ability to provide the energy drink, the energy drink of hope, the energy drink of courage, the energy drink of boosting morals even by just giving the happy smile, the energy drink of belongingness that what will be told (by the patients), will be treated as a confidential, with providing the moral support. The leader in that type of field must has the quality that he or she could be treated as a ray of hope to the patients so that the patients could feel comfortable to express their feelings, hopes and experiences with no hesitation because in such type incurable disease such as HIV and Cancer etc., the moral support is the only cure.
The leader of such type of field must has the quality to nurture and develop the entire team that should have the characteristics to portrays the leader’s quality and should have the attitude that could be easily recognizable that the leader of the person or team must have high moral or that member must have belong to that leader.
In that connection, it would be better to discuss in the perspective of medical, specially the paramedical staff. It should be noticed that the core vision behind the any type of humankind service is to provide the support and satisfactions either in term of providing medicine and necessities etc., or moral support etc. Therefore, in the field of medical, a paramedical person must have the virtue to be the gigantic and protected reservoir of information’s heap that is the amalgam of professional and patient sensitive data. Therefore, as discussed above the core motive should be to act as trustable motivator and guide for both to the patient and to the other staff member. (Friesen, 2010)
As far as the moral vision concerns, it should be based upon the human values totally. First, it should be considered that what will be our expectation with the medical personnel, if we come across. The first and core expectation will be the privacy even if we talk about any sexual issues or about our life-partner’s pregnancy issues. Think about that what will be our response if we know that our case is being discussed even among the paramedical staff members.
Therefore, moral vision must be focus on the confidentiality, the confidentiality of the information; either it is the organizational information or the Patient information. This confidentiality should be the core goal because trust and its level define the value of leader and organization both. in other word moral vision can be paraphrased in that way “the leader must have the quality to achieve the win-win situation by providing the flawless feeling of trust and by acting as  genuine mentor and philanthropist that the patient and people could trust that what will be discussed, will remain be confidential. Furthermore, the leader must have the quality to build, maintain and further strengthen the trust level among the all entities including entrepreneur, general public and client, off-course.”


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