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October 21, 2012

Essay Paper on Organizational Management

The organizational management itself is the multidimensional field because it covers the different areas of organizational behavior, organizational communication, management science, and sociology disciplines etc. however, according to some expert the definition are following:
“A set of understandings or meanings shared by a group of people that are largely tacit among members and are clearly relevant and distinctive to the particular group which are also passed on to new members”.  (Louis 1980)
“A system of knowledge, of standards for perceiving, believing, evaluating and acting . . . that serve to relate human communities to their environmental settings”.  (Allaire and Firsirotu, 1984)
When people work together in a organization or at same place, the conflicts among them keep rising by time to time, because every person has his or her own ideas, thinking, way of perceptions to deal with the issue and to handle the situations, that is the main cause of conflict.
Although, there are lot of other critical issues but managing the human capital and to motivate them to work as a team to accomplish the same main target by doing their assigned responsibilities is not a simple task because managing the different human psychologies simultaneously itself is the science that always needs to modify on the basis of past experience, practices, theories and ground realities.
Following are the pragmatic step by step guidelines to reduce the workplace conflicts among the employees:
   * “Identify the problem. Make sure everyone involved knows exactly what the issue is, and why they are arguing. Talk it out until everyone agrees that there is a problem, and understands what the key issues are.
    * Allow every person involved to clarify his or her perspectives and opinions about the problem. Make sure everyone has an opportunity to express an opinion. If necessary, establish a time limit (say, five minutes per person), and make sure each person sticks to the limit while stating his or her case. It is your responsibility to make sure all participants feel safe and supported.
    * Identify the ideal end result, from each party’s point of view. It might surprise everyone to discover that their visions are not so far apart after all.
    * Figure out what can realistically be done to achieve each individual’s goals. If action is taken, how will this affect other projects and objectives? Will the end result be worth the time and energy spent? If the attempt fails, what’s the worst that can happen?
    * Find an area of compromise. Is there some part of the issue on which everyone agrees? If not, try to identify long-term goals that mean something to everyone, and start from there.” (
A manager should pay the proper attention on the issues that arises by the employees, this activity will act as a peace soother that at least their voice is being heard properly by the management. On the other hand, the management will also be able to do more pragmatic and result oriented decision that will not only reduce the rate of conflicts but also create and promote the win-win situation. It should be bear in mind that a good manager has a ability to listen properly and resolve the issue proactively.
Furthermore, to promote the Organizational Management, it is the responsibility of the management to provide the comprehensive information about the codes of conduct, communication, controls, compensation and incentives, censure, culture, personal leadership conduct and convictions. (Urs Mueller, 2009-10).
This comprehensive information is inevitable to provide because these understandings are essential to promote the good relation among the employees that define the organization behavior, overall. At this point, the use of theory of X and Theory of Y will also be useful to achieve the loyalty and win-win situation for both employees and organization.
Besides, if organization changes its strategy because of any reason, suppose merger, partnership or collaboration with other business entities. It ultimately impacts on the existing Organizational Behaviors on both organizations, because both entities have its own values and Organizational Behavior.
Therefore, to accustom with the changed strategy, employees will take time and this time gap is the time of confusion, dilemma and ambiguity for the employees that should be addresses promptly by proper awareness and motivations about the changes and their reasons according to the situations.
At that point, the Ethel’s Chocolate Lounges’ example will be appropriate, the Lounge has the English origin and background but now it has been become the prominent choice for Americans with American force, this is the example because British and America has two different organizational culture and Organizational Behaviors but Ethel’s Chocolate Lounges modified it strategy that leaded it to the acme of popularity that is impossible without the employees’ awareness about the strategy changes. (Ethelschocolate, 2010)
Furthermore, the Organizational Behaviors has also affected with other cultures, here the example of The Nordstrom, Inc. will be suitable when it started its journey with the entrepreneurship and now became the Giant of its business domain.
Organizational Behavior
Organizational behavior is the depiction of human behavior in the organization. It is portray the different attitude and behavior of the employees towards their responsibility and other entities of the organizations. Here the organizational behavior means the overall behavior of the human being including the management.
This organizational behavior has the synchronization with the other internal and external variables such as team bonding and its level of strength, social issues and economic stability, etc. In the connection of organizational behavior, the example of Nordstrom, Inc. will be useful. (J. , 2010)
Nordstrom, Inc.
Nordstrom, Inc. is the famous retailer that does the business under the domain of fashion and current trends. Nordstrom started its journey from 1901 in the United States of America; the first outlet was the shoe store that reached the pinnacle of popularity because of quality and good customer services.  Nordstrom, Inc is also reaping the benefit of online business and E-commerce such as in the shape of online transaction facilities to the customers. ("Nordstrom")
Although Nordstrom is reaping the benefit of steady growth but the rivalry especially after arrival the arena that is the key catalyst to further intense the borderless rivalry, is really the barriers for Nordstrom and its future growth but the effective use of organizational behavior theories may use as a tool to not only ensuring the constant stream of cash inflows but also to face the challenges of rivalry.
This brief discussion is just to highlighting the benefit of good organizations behavior that is being reaped by leaps and bond by the Nordstrom, Inc. as discussed above about the linkage of people behavior and the synchronization with the other internal and external variables. Following aspect of Nordstrom is the exact replica of effective organizational behavior concepts.
Nordstrom, Inc’s level of services is the topnotch and that level of services acts a shelter against the rivalry.  Nordstrom, Inc is providing versatile customer services as other renowned retailers have such as Whole Foods Market and the Ethel’s Chocolate Lounges. All above entities have almost the same characteristic in providing the facility, gaining and retaining the customer confidence as well as maintaining and enhancing the good and long lasting relationships with their existing and prospects clienteles by announcing different offers and schemes.
The level of services that the Nordstrom is providing is outstanding as described, “Patrick McCarthy, who was the first salesperson to generate $1 million, cites an example of a customer who was traveling and accidentally left his plane tickets in the store. An employee who found them paid for a cab to the airport with her own money so that the customer wouldn’t miss his plane. This, McCarthy says, is an example of “heroic service,” and at Nordstrom they expect nothing less.” That service level is the absolute example of providing full customer service that is delivered. Furthermore, its personal stylist service that makes it unique from its rivals and that is the key catalyst to retain and enhance the clientele. (Lamb, 2004)
As far as the question of comparison is concerned, here it should be remembered that it is being discussed about the customer service and nature of products not the type of products. Therefore, If Nordstrom's service is compared with the whole food market in the perspective of consumer goods. The key difference that seems lack in whole food market is its customer services.
In whole food market, there is no any chance to have meeting with the real producers while as far as  the Nordstrom's stylist service is concerned, it is the ideal opportunity to have thorough discussion and meeting with proper appointments facility. Nordstrom's stylist service not only provides the facility of customized customer services but also the opportunity to have useful discussion with the professionals.
As far as the retailing mix is concerned, in the perspective of customer services that Nordstrom Inc. is providing to their clientele, following are the particular discussion about those:
Exclusive attention
Lior Arussy, an Industry observer pronounced the Nordstrom’s business policy as “greed through love.” He expressed his observation in that words “Nordstrom have perfected the art of focusing on the right customers and giving them undivided attention.” (Lamb, 2004)
Tailored Customer Care
Nordstrom is famous because of its nurturing habit. Its personal stylist offer is such innovative that give the new shape to the customer service domain. This offer has the flexibility to customize your choices according to the budget. It Offer professional consultancy according to the occasions and budget. Personal stylist shops for you in different department to satisfy your need with gift offering without any extra charges.
Exchange policy
Nordstrom is famous because of its generous exchange policy. “In a familiar story that has been forwarded around the Internet for years, a man claims he was allowed to return snow tires, even though the store never sold auto parts. It may be an urban myth, but it reinforces the company’s reputation for putting customers first. Even though the company loses some money on returns, they believe it’s worth it to keep customers coming back.”  (Lamb, 2004)
Customers Services & Relationship
The Store has the long and interesting stories to build a healthy relationship with the customers such as their salespersons has special skills to build and continue the relationship for years. “Robert Spector, coauthor of The Nordstrom Way, says his favorite story is of a woman with one leg who jokingly bet a Nordstrom salesperson that he wouldn’t sell her just one shoe.
He was more than happy to split up the pair, though, to her surprise, and Nordstrom gained a life-long customer in the process. “Who knows how many times she’s told that story?” Spector asks. “Do you think that that’s worth the price of a shoe? I do.” This kind of word-of-mouth publicity means that Nordstrom spends much less on traditional advertising than its competitors do. And the stories told by satisfied customers are much more persuasive than an ad in the Sunday paper.” (Harmonix)
The Nordstrom has the proper consultancy and advisory services that give it the edge against it rivals. For this purpose Nordstrom sets future shopping dates, inform the customers about the new arrivals. “It’s a heart experience,” says McCarthy, who kept handwritten notes on all 12,000 of his personal customers over the years. “Most companies are head experiences bean counters are running them. When the heart is running them, it becomes exciting.” (Lamb, 2004)
Online Business
Their online system gave it the new shape and flexibility to the customers to shop in convenient style with saving money and time. At the result, this facility pushed the Nordstrom profit to another mile with happy clientele. ("Retailing in focus," 2010)
Every business has to face the different challenges and the capability to face and fight against these challenges is the catalyst that defines or redefines any particular business life. Therefore, the primary challenge that is being faced by the Nordstrom is numerous but to be precise here I would like to discuss about the key factor that may cause to disturb the whole reputation.
This factor is the Nordstrom’s online shopping feature. According to the observations, the customers who did online purchasing and transactions, most of the time they are unable to find that particular product inside the brick and mortar premises. According to my viewpoint it is the most critical element that may disturb the whole clientele’s confidence and trust.
The rivalry and the E-Commerce phenomenon that placed and opened the whole global market in front of customer is the catalyst that is keeps increasing the consumer expectations. According to the Nordstrom direct President Jamie Nordstrom,” We see the way people shop changing very dramatically”.
The key reason of dynamistic in competition is the arrival of online facility and shopping opportunities that provide the ease to customers to easily analyze and compare the prices and products with different stores on just a click away. On the other side this online flexibility is the big challenge for Nordstrom to stand still in the current highly tidal waves of rivalry.
This trend is also changing the customer expectations about the product prices, variety and flexibility to have these, now the customer wants more customized solutions according to their needs and demand that could be ideally suited to their budget and preferences. Therefore, the arena is the big cause to intensify the Competition & Consumer expectations. ("The state of," 2010)
It would like to be recommended that one thing in obvious that has the principal role of business success that is the customer trust and satisfactions that maintain and enhance the business. The online transaction facilities that further intense the competition must be address and managed properly because in current dynamic competitive business environment no firm could be succeeded without customer trust and satisfactions because these elements convince the customer to change or not to change their preferences.
However, the boom is the key catalyst to further ignite the flame of rivalry but on the other hand it is the channel to further expand the business without the physical limitation of borders and economies. Therefore, the benefit of E-commerce should be taken as the energizer to further strengthen the business and increase the profits.
As far as the above mentioned challenges in concerned, it could be managed by the effective organizational theories such as theory of X and theory of Y because when employees are committed to perform their responsibilities at the utmost level, the level of customer satisfaction will ultimately be maximized that will be catalyst of business stability and growth.
The key aspect that should be noticed that the level of customer services that is discussed above and that are providing by the Nordstrom employees is the clear replica of extra mile services and this attitude to provide the extra mile services by their employees is the depiction of using the theory of X and theory of Y as well as the proof that the organizational behavior is the catalyst that define or redefine the business life and growth.


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