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October 28, 2012

Information Speech Example

Information Speech
Reverend Judges, Respected Teachers and my fellow students. Communication has become an integral part of our lives. A part so vital and pervasive that we cannot even think of survival until and unless we do not find an outlet through which we can easily express our ideas, thoughts and emotions.
Sometimes I think we should just thank God for providing us the ability of expressing our feelings with the help of a properly communicated structure and framework through which such things can properly be accomplished. The communication structure and foundation of any place contains a number of channels through which the designated feeling is projected. (American man, 2008)
These channels can be in the form of gestures, symbols and even certain expressions that helps us in understanding the different tones and messages. These channels that are used in the communication process and also determine its effectivity vary from one cultural context and society to the other.
For instance some symbols that are of generalized in European nations may not be used in Asian societies and vice versa. Out of all other forms of communication that have been used since the beginning of human civilization one component that has always stood firm in the dynamically changing faces of communication is the medium of poetry.
In almost every culture and the society of the world the use and application of poetry has always been considered as a prominent tool for the communication of feelings, emotions and ideas. The importance of poetic form of communication can be attributed to the fact that the poetry of some poets can be regarded as highly revolutionary in aggravating the spirit of independence and liberty in the people of their nation. In this case poets like Goethe, Bedil and Iqbal can be regarded as highly prominent within their respective capacities. (Thadine, 2001)
In addition to this I would also like to mention here that poetry and the communication that is executed from this has provided and helped people in exploring and understanding a completely different side and aspect of nature. It is worth mentioning here that the terminology of nature is not only applied to scenic beauty but also in exploring novel frontiers that help us in discovering new aspects and characterstics of human nature.
Poets like Keats and Wordsworth have spend innumerable time and have written extensive poems that help us in understanding the beauty and the panoramic awe-inspiring views that are present around us and how can a person develop an attitude towards appreciating it. Moreover it is also important that the nature of human nature and its complex nature are also understood and the ways it responds to different circumstances of pain, happy, joy and affection. (David, 1992)
With the help of all these tactics and tools poetry has been provided a completely different aspect of communication to people which helps them in understanding the dimensions of natural and physical beauty at a completely different style, theme and tone and above all it provides people and its listeners with an element of entertainment. Thank you very much.


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