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October 28, 2012

Informational Interviews Essay

Informational interviews are a special category of interviews that are conducted in order to seek advice from an experienced professional of a specific field rather than hiring anyone for job or employment purposes. An informational interview also differs from a traditional job interview in the way that in the case of such an interview it is actually the job seeker who asks the question rather than the interviewer. Regardless of the fact that the job seeker initiates the interview, he or she must follow the fundamental guidelines of interview conducting and etiquettes. He must be properly dressed, well-prepared for the interview and prepare informational questions for conducting the interview. In addition to this the interviewer must endeavor to create an appreciating good impression.
School Counseling Questions
     It is first and foremost important to determine the functions and responsibilities of the student counselor. During the interview it is important that the experiences and the various expertise of the counselor are brought into limelight by the job seeker. To be a good counselor it is important to first know one self and to be completely aware of the complications and various features of the education department that is being dealt with. The counselor must also be able to understand the needs and necessities of the people he or she is working with so that he or she may well address the problems of the people and the students that are relying on him for educational assistance.
During the process of counseling the counselor needs to maintain a positive attitude towards the student and help him in explaining and grabbing each and every detail and dimension of the place where the students is looking forward or is willing to apply for educational purposes and responsibilities. Therefore it is a pre-requisite for the counselor himself to be completely aware of the different types of courses related to diverse fields that are offered by different universities especially in prominent countries like United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, Germany, Sweden and Singapore and the financial details and features of the programs that the university is offering.
Apart from these rudimentary features the counselor also needs to explain the myriad problems that students face in foreign countries where they are without any guidance or any elderly personality to look after them. The counselor must also be completely aware of the social conditions and the different types of institutional framework about the country where the student is going for higher education purposes. This is important in the way so as to caution the student in advance to the social repercussions that may actually harm his intellectuality with the passage of time. Moreover the counselor must be able to only answer but satisfactorily answer the question that is normally asked by students if the contemporary scenario is kept in mind and that is after managing and affording such expensive education in a foreign country college or university and investing four years of his life to earn the credit of a graduate will he be able to get an employment that can actually compensate for the heavy investment of money that he has made during the years when he was enrolled in a program or a degree course of a foreign university? Hence all such questions and apart from this whole lot of information regarding the educational policies of different countries, the various kinds of facilities and incentives that are offered by these countries to foreign students that come for higher education purposes in these countries. (Wagner, 2007)
Furthermore, the counselor must also be completely aware and acquainted with the changes that are either in the process or have already been promulgated in many of the countries that are considered idyllic for higher education purposes. Another important issue that needs to be outlined during the counseling process by the counselor himself is the complications and the difficulties that students are confronted with during the acquisition of visa and other allied problems.
 It is the responsibility of the counselor to provide and acquaint them with the most convenient way to address these problems by either approaching the travelling agent or agency that is skilled in such operations and also provide them with the necessary guidelines that need to be implemented and adhered while going for an interview for obtaining of visa. Apart from this the nature of questions inquired, appropriate documents required, how to tackle and smartly answer the tricky and sometimes entangled questions that are asked by the officials of the embassy or the consulate, hence even the minutest aspect must be dealt in great detail because of the capricious and simultaneously sensitive nature of the entire matter. (Baker and Edwin, 2008)
Another area where the presence of a counselor is of profound significance is in trying to unearth as to which field and discipline would be most suitable for a particular student. When reputed counselors are approached to find the answer to this question most of them mainly regard as observation being the key reason in determining as to which place or field will be most suitable and appropriate for a particular student.  Counselors such as Mr. Mazabel say that through observing the material presented by the student that is utilized in the counseling field a clear testimony regarding the interest of the student and his obsessions can precisely be pointed out. Mazabel further accentuates on the fact that a comprehensible manifestation of the student’s area of interests can also be outlined with the help of academic goals and objectives which when coupled with economic and behavioral aims and objectives prove to be very helpful in providing a crystal clear picture regarding the interests of a student, but the most crucial and vital tool that is useful for managing and handling these issues is through the effective usage of the observation tool.(Arthur, 2004)
Furthermore Mazabel says that there are certain students that seem to have a very different approach towards their career and future, however keeping them aloof from counseling activities is not the solution that the school must look forward to and it is precisely at this point that the close ties between counselors and teachers comes into limelight. Teachers with their cooperation with counselors can help in overcoming the myriad problems that are encountered by students in post-college life, whereas counselors must also remain in touch with teachers to pinpoint students that seem to be having an indifferent approach towards their future. These students must then be approached by the student counseling body and their educational problems, cultivation of indifference in their attitude and their future goals dependent on their interests must be pointed and explained by the counselors in a positive way so as to gratify the student. Moreover it is also the duty of the counselor to encourage and push him in showing progress in the form of getting good score in subjects which will be his first priority towards career building path at college and university level.
Along with all this it is also important to mention here that since counseling is a highly tedious and challenging task hence the person required for this purpose must be highly experienced and proficient in the field of counseling as far as student counseling is concerned. The counselor must be experienced at least in the communication field so that he is able to interact with all kinds of students at all kinds of levels. Moreover the person chosen for the communication job must have a positive attitude and must be cool-tempered enough to handle all kinds of students. (Harper and Quaye, 2008)


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