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October 28, 2012

Issues Dealing with Business Essay

Issues Dealing with Business

There are various kinds of issues that businesses are confronted with on everyday basis. These issues can vary from employee grievances and woes, to client satisfaction or problems in terms of developing effectual counter strategy.
However some of the major problems that are most common to workplace environment include organizational politics, employee issues and management functions. Dealing with organizational politics in business is always a tough task; however it is important to mention here that once acquired some organizational authority and power, it is important to use influence which should not get one’s own way. Moreover one should use the influence not for personal leverage but in order to create a difference which can prove beneficial for the organization in the long run. (Gadot, 2003)
Other than this employee issues can be dealt in a very simple way by providing the employee an honest and timely feedback about the level of work that he is executing and the caliber that corresponds with organizational demands. This will provide the employee an overview about his survival period in the workplace and his future in the organization. (Miller, 2010)
In addition to all these problems there are also a number of management problems that are encountered primarily because of lack of proper leadership and required organizational dexterity. Many managers and even Executive Officers complain that employees instead of looking forward are trying to convince themselves that everything is working the very same as it was some decades ago, but there is no doubt about the fact that with upcoming times organizational setup will turn increasingly sophisticated. Matter for resolving such management issues as termed by proficient is creativity, with greater creativity and appropriate counseling management issues being faced by organizations can be simplified with utmost ease. (Creative and innovation, 2010)


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