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October 22, 2012

Personal Essay Example

About Myself
 I am under-graduate student and have aim to earn master degree. The reasons to achieve Masters Degree in any discipline may vary from person to person. From advancement in the working sector, to just giving the individual a better approach of thinking and processing information, ideas and concepts. I joined the master degree program because of the latter and to satisfy my intellectual curiosity. I have also recognized the ways that could potentially help me build a promising career after having the proper and advanced education. Statistics suggest that the person with the higher education is always more likely to receive higher pay, promotions and raises. I belonged to the BPO industry related to client service and believe on the no-excuse attitude.
My information need
The situation that I experienced was about to write the report on three different organizations based upon their financial performance and figures. This was the type of research report that at first perplexed me because I am not any certified finance professional, but my senior told that take it as challenge and try your best to cover the report as much as possible because this activity will help you to polish the analytical qualities with the understanding of basic financial highlights and information.
In that connection, I needed to search and fetch the different information about all companies from their different financial statements such as cash flow, balance sheets and profit and loss accounts etc. with the organizations’ brief introduction and core business functions.
In the quest of seeking information, as it was the new task/challenge for me, first I read properly the entire instructions that were forwarded to me by the seniors. The plus point that I got after reading that, is the guidelines in which there was clearly mentioned that for having information and figures about the financial statements, you will have to access and read the periodical financial reports. Therefore, I tried the best to gather these data from the official resources such as organization officials and other resources such as and Reuters etc.
The reason behind this data accumulation is to have the authentic and unbiased financial figures and information so that an acceptable and bias-less report could be prepared because the some of the above mentioned sources are well knows because of their good performance and goodwill.
In the financial reports, I found almost the all necessary information that I needed because the periodical financial reports are the packs of overall authentic financial facts and figures such as cash flow and profit & loss statements etc. However, at first time I was confused to see that type of detailed figures and numbers but later I turned my focus to the key figures such as net income, assets and liabilities etc. the other sources such as etc., helped me to have insight about the independent overviews about the organizations.
After having access and approach to the above mentioned resources, the need of key stats that were the catalysts in preparing the report is covered but to understand the basic information about the accounting, I had to have assistance with the books and seniors.

Analyze your experience
The type of information that I needed in the quest of preparing this report are cash flow statement, Balance sheet and Profit & loss accounts. Although, there was bunch of other type of information in the financial reports but I preferred the above mentioned ones so that specific and purified insights about the organization could be developed. The situation that acted as a catalyst for me to drag that situation was the task about the preparation of that report.
Following is the list of sources that helped me in the preparation of this report:
Annual Financial Reports of Ford
Annual Financial Reports of Google Inc
Accounting by Meigs Meigs' 10th edition
The above mentioned resource are the power pack of highly useful information about the accounting and finance, even for a person who hasn’t any sound knowledge about the finance and accounting, can also grab and improve their knowledge, specially form the online sources that are packed and backed with the graphical presentations, charts, articles, independent analysis and reports.
My feeling about the outcomes were dangling because the topic was technical but the sources that used for fetching the information helped a lot because of their user-friendly format and contents. However, I was looking forward for the senior comments but I was confident that I tried to prepare this report on the basis of authentic and bias-less figures and information.
My information giving
The person need the comparative analysis of the organizations based upon the selected financial figures and their performances. When I read the instructions that were forwarded to me by the seniors, I realized about the type and nature of information that was needed in that report.
The required information I got from the official financial reports, independent websites and books as mentioned above. For having updated information and independent analytics I took the assistance from online resources via the internet as also mentioned above. The reason behind the selection of the said sources and locations is the instruction and requirements that was send to me by the seniors. At first, I had to invest a sufficient time to find the sources but after that I fetched and got the all particular information that were required.
The format of the paper was somewhat standard, that was included title page, introduction and brief information about the organizations with the remarks on organization performances that I presented in the report. The report was in .doc format and emailed to the respective senior during the ongoing month of this year.
Yes, of-course, the person was helped by the information because the report was backed with the authentic facts and figures with the proper in-text citation and separated reference page. I followed the instructions that were given to me and I used the authentic resources such as and etc. therefore, I am confident to tell that the report was the useful piece of information as per instruction.
Analyze your experience
The report, as I described earlier was technical in nature and I got informed that some of our officemates refused to take this assignment because of the irrelevancy of their experiences and backgrounds. However, I accepted this as an opportunity of learning and submitted this report under the predefined time limit. This, my approach is appreciated by the senior by accepting the report.
Personal Observation
The personal observation that I experience is that there are lots of situations that keep across with everybody, where someone got perplexed that what should be done or not merely because of their lack of experience and knowledge but at least one should try so that he or she could be able to identify their limit, this identification of the limits are the catalyst to further polishing the skills that will help you in further expand the limit.


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