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October 31, 2012

Student Nurses attitude towards chemically impaired nurse

Chemically impaired nurses are basically a victim of alcohol or drug addiction such as alcohol, narcotics, drugs or any other substance of similar nature. A substantial number of nurses each year suffer from such diseases of chemical addiction and become a potential threat not only to the health care organization but also pose a serious danger to the safety and security of the patients that are under observation in the hospital itself.
It has been observed that proper look after and care for such nurses can actually help them in overcoming the problems that they have encountered, therefore in order to verify this statement a quantitative investigation was conducted in order to investigate the attitude of fellow nurses towards their chemically impaired colleagues. The research study involved a couple of fellow colleagues the names and identities of whom have been kept confidential due to privacy maintaining reasons. Each of these participants were provided a few samples of drugs that have a drug like effect and creates a chemical imbalance within a person and the subsequent attitudes of other nurses towards them have been observed.
The most suitable nursing model that fits with the situation provided here is the Tidal Model devised by Professor Phil Barker  in which the mental health of a nurse and the subsequent reactions of other nurse fellows. The reaction of other and normal nurse will be recorded as they initially and finally treat a senior and a junior nurse suffering or actually showing signs of suffering from chemical impairment will be visualized over a specific period of time. A hypothesis that can be applied to the situation is that in the initial stages the fellow nurses or colleagues will not take it as an encouraging sign, but after a couple of days observing the gravity of the situation that will be developed, they would show sympathy to the chemically impaired nurse and will make an effort to make sure that she gets normal. Hence the investigation in itself fits precisely under the banner of the Tidal Model of Nursing theory. (Nelson, 1994)


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