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October 28, 2012

The Pursuit of Happiness Essay

The Pursuit of Happiness
Films have always been an integral constituent through which I have explored several ways of knowing myself in better way, in discovering my likes and dislikes and along with this the genre of films I prefer watching are highly inspirational and motivational and nature so that at the end of a two hour journey I may have something to look forward and beneficial to extract and implement in my own life once the film concludes. One of the recent films that I viewed and would love to see it again and again is the Pursuit of Happiness. Even though the film was released in the year 2006, I had a chance of viewing this film recently and was undoubtedly like any sentimental person could not hold back my tears as the film moves into its conclusive phases.  (Gardner, 2006)
The movie is primarily based and inspired by a true story of a stockbroker Chris Gardner which has been done by Will Smith in the film. The core plot of the movie revolves around the struggle, troubles and toils that this person encounters during the multitude phases of life in order to achieve the status and position that he desired. The story focuses a man, a husband and a father and the triple responsibilities that he has to fulfill and the problems that he faces in order to satisfy all his relationships. Despite the fact that his wife leaves him because of the deteriorating economic conditions of the family, he remains loyal to his son Christopher and tries to fulfill all his needs in whatever way possible.
 Chris is initially shown as a salesman of new bone scanner machines which are far more expensive than the X-ray machines that are used in hospitals and therefore none of the hospitals show any kind of interest in investing money in the new product. Due to financial issues his wife Linda decides to leave him and his son. Following her departure Chris is confronted with greater problems as he is coerced to leave his residence due to non-payment of rent and his remaining money in the bank account is deducted in the form of government taxes. Homeless and penniless he is coaxed to take refuge in a bathroom of a railway station with his son and from there onwards he has to shift places every day and reach there on time in order to find a place to sleep with his son, mostly at places which have been made by the government for shelter less people. He practices this routine every day for six continuous months whereas in concomitant to this he is also involved in an internship program at Dean Witter where he is not being offered any salary. At the end of the training period he is told that he has been selected for the post of a stock broker for the company due to this good performance and from there onwards his journey towards success and prosperity kickoff. (Gardner and Rivas, 2009)
Perseverance, determination and loyalty are some of the characteristics that can be included in the moral of the story that has been told. The story of the film highlights the examination of the will power and determination to resist the toils and troubles in the most troublesome circumstances. It further accentuates that to achieve something commendable and remarkable in life, it is important that the disappointments and despondencies are marginalized from life. Every trouble that life brings at disposal must be taken and accepted as a challenge that serves to pave way for a better and successful future.
Another important lesson that can be derived from the film is that dreams may blur, but they never die. All a human being requires is a will to rejuvenate them at any point of life and demonstrate an effort to fulfill those dreams, as the famous quote in the film goes ‘you got a dream, you got to protect it’ another point that has been successfully established by the film is that it is not necessary that every person riddled by the attained injuries of broken relationships and financial meltdown, adopts a criminal method to pacify his needs and desires. Chris Gardner had all reasons to adopt such a way through which he could earn easy money by utilizing illicit and illegitimate means, but he chose to flow against the wave direction and effectively counter the circumstances instead of capitulating in front of the existing status quo and that is exactly where his greatest victory lies. (Dargis, 2006)
The movie overall had a tremendous impact on my personality since it made me realize that every successful man in the world whether its Bill Gates, Chris Gardner or Carlos Smith have gone through immense hardships, struggling phases and complications in their personal and professional life to achieve the status, prestige and respect that they have today. They could have accepted these problems to adjust themselves with the existent scenario and situations, but the actual triumph of these people lie in recognizing the fact that all these problems and toils are there germinate greater resistance, potential of perseverance and willpower in them in order to transform them into a person who is fearless and disciplined enough to handle any kind of difficulty with extreme wisdom and sagacity.


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