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November 3, 2012

Essay on Paradise Lost and Gained

Paradise Lost or gained

The largest search engine of the world, Google provides the most lavish and opulent working environment to its employees in order to come up with the most innovatory designs and technologies which are exceptional to the name of the organization. Innumerable facilities are provided at employee disposal in order to provide them with a working environment that offers them a feeling of extreme relaxation, convenience and stress free atmosphere for working.
Even though it can be said that the working environment does require long hours and tiring routines, but keeping in mind that the information technology sector is turning increasingly competitive it is the responsibility of the employee to conform to the facilities and amenities that are being offered to him and hence with the help of such an environment the organization intends to prepare its employees to create the most unconventional, creative and innovating products for their consumers along with the potential of facing difficult situation with extreme zeal and enthusiasm.
I believe that even after offering such diverse facilities, the organization falls short of satisfying his employees is definitely quite astounding.  There are a couple of reasons that can be attributed for the lack of employee motivation due to which the workforce feels more satisfactory in leaving an organization that they have always yearned to be a part of. I believe that as an organization the hierarchal structure of the entire organization has become so complex that a simple employee working in a specific department of the organization is almost non-existent to the rest of the company.
Even the diversified portfolio of the organization can be accounted as a key reason behind the lack of motivation being faced at employee level. In such a sophisticated working environment the organization does satisfy the financial as well as pleasure seeking costs of its employee but fails substantially to address their other needs and requirements. Furthermore it is also important to mention that the progress and development demonstrated by an employee in such a working environment is a predominantly an outcome of the competition he is confronted with at an employee level in order to make his survival possible in the organization, not as an outcome of motivation gained from his managers and other kingpins of the company.
One of the key challenges that Google encounters regarding the motivation aspect is that employees here despite of their exception qualification and extraordinary professional skills are not provided the credit or the recognition that they deserve for their hard work and performance. At the end of the day it is the name ‘GOOGLE’ that dominates the technological mainstream. The example that has been presented in the case study provided presents a much similar situation.
They had the idea and they knew how to execute it on a practical scale, but just because they had the idea that giving it to Google would halt their progress, decided to launch it on their own. I believe that the lack of recognition that the employees are experiencing despite of the highly technical and tedious tasks they are accomplishing surpass all other benefits that the organization is providing them.
Managing a team is always a difficult job. Some of the motivation techniques I would apply in order to extract maximum output from my employees would be based on conducting proper communication with them at all levels regarding the project that is being conducted. An important thing to consider in this context is to assign each member of the team the task that he or she feels motivated in doing and they do it with their utmost dedication and determination.
Provide each and every one of them a carefree working environment to ensure that they give their best and maximum output. Periodically take feedback from the employees engaged in different tasks, appreciate them for the work that they accomplished; ask them about the steps through which they will pursue their assignments, listen to it with serene concentration and advise them accordingly about the loopholes and considerations that they need to make and keep in mind before proceeding, inquire them about the arrangements that they have done and the planning that they have made about their subsequent steps, advice them about the ways through which they can bring much betterment and introduce greater innovation in the product that they are launching.
Hence with the help of effective communication techniques coupled with diverse motivation strategies efficient teamwork and positive results regarding any venture can easily be obtained. (Hiam, 2010)


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