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November 3, 2012

Essay on Personal Circumstances

Since my days of childhood I have witnessed immense pain, suffering, anxiety, trouble and toils in my life. In an age when I was supposed to be free like a gas molecule, there were many responsibilities that were imposed upon me. This included not only taking good care of my academic grades but also to take care and look after my father who was diagnosed with a lethal and painful disease like spine cancer. His disease and the subsequent deterioration in his state of health was a severe blow to my self-conscious as I have always looked upon my father as my role model and icon.
As if all this personal meltdown was not sufficient, my elder brother decided to depart and leave the entire responsibility of my father’s care on me. It was the time when I found it extremely difficult to cope up with my academics and to keep my grades up to the mark. Managing time for studies and looking after a person whose life has been made worse than death by painful and periodic chemotherapy treatments was making me increasingly frustrated.
But I did not capitulate in front of the prevalent status quo, I took the challenges that were at my disposal with courage and determination and made every effort that could actually pull me out from all the predicaments I was confronted with. All the troubles and toils that I faced in life even before going to college made a strong man from inside, not only mentally but also in a spiritual way. All these conditions however, convinced me about one concrete fact, that tough times never last, but tough people do survive every challenge of life.


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