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November 17, 2012

Essay on Reading

Reading is the primary and most basic skill needed by every student and person to be successful in life. The recent research on the subject gives us the profound knowledge how the literacy develops and what is the role played by reading in literacy development (Snowling & Hulme, 2005). The students who are able to read must be trained and taught by schools the art of reading.
Reading is the basic activity which enhances the knowledge of student and plays an important role in the cognitive development of the student (Children of code video). Students who face difficulty in reading in their early stages ultimately left behind in areas like vocabulary enrichment, mastery in language and enhancement of knowledge (Snowling & Hulme, 2005). Those who left behind will remain there until some extra intensive attention, teaching and training is given to them which enable them to stand along with their peers(National Reading Panel)In United States almost 20 percent of students, at elementary class level, face severe problems in reading and 20 percent students do face difficulties in independent reading. That is the reason that 25 percent of adults of United States lacks the reading and literary which are the prerequisite of any proper job (Best, 2006)
Racial or ethnic minority students also face a number of difficulties to reading. African Americans and Hispanics often view the payoff of schoolwork as so remote that they do not preserve in their efforts. As a result, often students cut classes, get suspended, and eventually drop out (Best, 2006)
            Obviously children who do not speak English, or speak it only as their secondary language, will encounter difficulties in United States schools. English-Speaking students from minority or low-income backgrounds can face language discontinuities in school. In other words, the way their parents question and talk to them does not correspond to that used by most teachers. This mismatch between language used in the home and that demanded in the classroom can cause serious difficulties for some children. 60 to 70 percent of these children face difficulties in reading (National Reading Panel)But the disability or the problem to read does not relate directly to the environment. Often students of privileged homes also find problem in reading fluently.
The research scholars and scientists are of the opinion that almost 95 percent of the children need to be taught how to read at an early level (Fletcher & Lyon, 1998). This will help the children who do not read fluently to move along with their fellow students(National Reading Panel) Similarly such students who are not very much familiar with sounds and symbols and face difficulty in recognizing words will also be facilitated if teachers incorporate such skills in their lessons in class (Best, 2006)
Thus teachers, parents and students all can contribute to enhancing the reading ability of students. The sharing of responsibility, of student’s results, between parents and educators, may give the confidence to the parents that “intellectual development aimed at the improvement of a local community provides an immediate and richer educational context"(Best, 2006)


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