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November 10, 2012

Essay on War on Terror

War on Terror

An Introduction to US involvement in Middle East and Iraq
In order to develop an understanding approach towards the circumstances that led to the beginning of the war against terrorism, it is simultaneously important to develop an approach through which we can comprehend the circumstances and the eco-political scenario that led to this never ending war that has left irrevocable ramifications not only upon the US but upon all its allies also. In order to comprehensively do this we can chose a particular time through which we can analyze the tremendous changes that took place in the international relations which ultimately manifested it in a destructive and highly obliterating explosions and plane crash that took place at the World Trade Centre. The story of this begins with the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in 1990. (Reynolds, 2005)
The invasion provides United States a healthy opportunity to express its assertion and hegemony in the Post-Soviet and communist world by out rightly rejecting all channels of diplomacy, imposed economic sanctions on the country and furthermore initiated a full-fledged military assault on Iraq. The next episode of US intervention in the Middle East came in the form of the 2003 invasion of Iraq. The display of this moral collapse came when US in the year 2003, just after two years of military operation in Afghanistan, decided to invade Iraq after accusing it of possessing dangerous biological and chemicals of mass destruction. (Zuchhino, 2004)
Despite of all the opposition and resistance that it received from the IAEA after its chairman Hans Blix in his report formally announced after inspection that no such weapons have been found, US decided to violate all rules, norms and principles of international law by invading the country that was already on the verge of national bankruptcy.
Furthermore the invasion of Iraq also provided the whole world clear evidence that a supranationalist organization like the United Nations which was formed to maintain peace and harmony between the different states of the world is nothing but a puppet whose strings are held in the hands of an elite group that governs and influences each and every step of policy making done in the organization, thus eroding the very foundation upon which this organization came into being.
Upon the sheer violation of all UN norms and values US decided to step into Iraq as the country which had already been ravaged through the imposition of various economic sanctions had suddenly emerged as a potential threat to a country possessing the most advanced technical and military support. Moreover the intelligence and the media vehicles of US were also involved in fabricating information through which they were able to create an atmosphere through which they could gain easy support from their people upon this crucial issue. (Chafe, 2008)
The NIE declared that Iraq had 500 tons of chemical weapons along with biological weapons. It was reconstructing its nuclear weapon program, and they had automated vehicles that could transport the biological weapons to foreign places including the USA. They also had missiles that were over the limit given by the UN sanctions.  Desolately, only the last five judgments on the missiles were right the other four were completely wrong. Similarly media institutions like ABC and New York Times produced statistics which revealed that up to 54% people support the idea that Saddam Hussein is involved in engineering the attack on the World Trade Centre and is concurrently funding the radical groups of Al-Qaeda against the US. All these figures later proved to be a complete hogwash and tampered information.
Furthermore, mistakes were made by the US intelligence in 2003 Iraq war. After the inspection in Iraq the intelligence was unable to find any nuclear weapons or proactive operations in Iraq.  The images obtained, only showed factories and did not show what was being made inside it.  Due to the lack of efficient intelligence a non-compulsory war became an essential war. All this resulted in the retaliation of Iraq and an unwanted invasion of Iraq by the American. (Pitt, 2002)
Role of Corporations in Iraq War
After obliterating the economic and social infrastructure of Iraq, US decided to move towards the acquisition of its secondary objectives which were to extract maximum benefits from the oil resources that were present at their disposal in Iraq. There is no skeptism regarding the fact that US wanted to gain complete control of all the oil resources that were present in the country. However, to a large extent they could not acquire their objective.
A major reason behind this was the subsequent rise of a resistance group which started to ablaze its own oil fields before they could be handed into direct custody of US multinational corporations. It is believed that if US was able to gain control of all oil resources present in Iraq, the country would have gained the capacity to tank global oil prices at $12 per barrel. One of the multinational corporations that came under intense scrutiny was Halliburton due to its multi-billion dollar contracts with the US military. (Kellner, 2001)
The opposition of the company also aggravated due to the former involvement and affiliation of US vice president Dick Cheney. The company had created various base camps in different locations in the Middle East and South Asia in order to strengthen its roots in the region for gaining convenient accessibility to the oil resources present in the entire region. Hence there was no doubt about the fact that other multinationals such as Chevron, Shell and Bechtel were also involved in the entire process and project of reconstructing Iraq as hefty and juicy contracts were awarded to these companies in the aftermath of the war.
The soldier side of the story
            After analyzing the political and economic stakeholders that collectively orchestrated this irrationally oriented war it is now important to assess the dimensions of the third major stakeholder involved in the war which is the US soldier. From a soldier perspective it is very difficult to describe the situations that were encountered in Iraq as at the end of the day it appears that we have intentionally been thrusted into an immensely gravitating situation which could have been resolved through the effective usage of diplomatic channels.
On the other hand one can never escape the guilt that the people that we are killing with our missiles and aircraft are completely innocent and are simply a victim of a country that has practically lost the ability to differentiate between mercy and brutality, a country that has lost itself into the lust of power, interests and hegemony. There were many of us who had to forcefully leave their families despite of the fact they were on the brink of becoming a father and had left their wives alone in hospital. Many of them were not even able to see the faces of their new born babies. Some were married recently and as honeymoon found them in the midst of a land where they could only hear the screams of innocent children who were being deprived from the blessing of having clean water and food and the ear-splitting noise of incessantly falling bombs and missiles.
 Towards the end it becomes clear to everyone that we as soldiers who go to any extent to defend the honor, integrity and mandate of our country are simply pawns that are actually a prey of a complex nexus of power, politics, corporate and most importantly the interest of all stakeholders who engineer an entire pogrom eroding all foundations and violating all fundamentals of human rights and laws that provide man the right of safeguarding himself from becoming a part of all such grotesque activities.
The meaning of life for a soldier is only to be referred to as a martyr for his country, but after looking at the state of the country who intentionally coerced us to become a part of this massacre I think becoming a martyr was more of a far-fetched idea. (Wright, 2007)


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