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November 10, 2012

Essay on Writing Assignment

Writing Assignment
            It has always been difficult to define a thing so diverse and all-encompassing such as arts, but for the sake of simplicity and proper understanding one can define this deliberate arrangement and usage of symbols through which a person intends to communicate his feelings, ideas, emotions and perspectives to others by making flawless use of non-verbal tools of communication. It is the most unique form of communication considered extremely effective and multi-interpretative at the same time. Literature, paintings, photography, sculpture, film or documentary are the different methods through which artistic communication is made possible.
For centuries artists have made use of this distinguishing technique to communicate their feelings and perceptions by making use of arts. Some have also gone to the extent of concealing highly classified and confidential theological information in their works, the most prominent in this context being Da Vinci’s all time famous The Last Supper.
Hence in a nutshell art can be regarded as the most effective form of non-verbal communication. Simultaneously, it is important to realize the complexity of this communication method primarily because of the variety of interpretations that can influence the entire evaluation and opinion making process regarding the piece of art.
Prominent Art Works
            Some of the prominent and highly reputable works of art that can be considered and assessed here is the famous Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci. The theme and purpose of the art work has been a source of extreme captivity for art experts for many years, but only few were able to extract the correct meaning that the piece of art was trying to convey through the flawless use of symbols. The painting primarily focused on the accurate presentation between Jesus Christ and his mortal and humanistic relationship with Mary Magdalene. Since the decryption of the work and its subsequent understanding was limited to people who are well-versed and learned in the science of arts, the target and scope was limited. It was mainly writers like Dan Brown and other art scholars who first unraveled the mysterious and symbolically used distinction in terms of sexism and their bondage.
            Music and art have always had a deep relationship with each. Music like other forms of art has its own language through which it tends to embody and reflect emotions and feelings. One of the most famous and conventional forms of music categories has been classical music. Played with the help of instruments such as sitar, tabla, and violin and is composed of musical textures such as alap, rag and taal. Classical musicians have always attracted a specific group of audience that tends to understand the kind of impression and feel that the music tends to portray. Some of the most famous Indian musicians such as Ravi Shankar and Zakir Hussain are considered as maestros in the handling and playing of different classical instruments and have helped in the proliferation of classical music across the globe.
            Another prominent form of art has been literature. Classification of literature is either based on its genre whether it is romance, gothic, fictional or drama or it be categorized on the basis of the country in which it is being written.  Some of my personally admired genres of literature include satire especially which are written by George Orwell. His most prominent work of Animal farm provides an ironic representation and depiction of Russian, American and British leaders played by pigs, goats and cows. The author apart from introducing a completely different style of writing also tried to provoke people to understand the vicious game of power that leaders of their state were playing to seal the fate of their lives. (Satwase, 2009)


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