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December 3, 2012

Essay on Thin by Grace Bowman

THIN by Grace Bowman
The Book “Thin” is basically the narrative or you may say that a autobiography of a British lady named Grace Bowman who has the Brilliant, popular, attractive and winning personality. A fascinatingly truthful account of life with anorexia nervosa, Thin the book, is shocking and lastly motivating memoir of Grace. An amazing story, it is also common notion - is there a woman in the world who has a usual association with food? A neurotic read, essential for everyone who are hoping to recognize more about eating disorders and defeating addiction.
The book is very special from what I was expecting. I have studied a lot of memoirs over the years dealing with conflicting facets of people's lives and it's interesting when one come along dissimilar ones along the way. This book is one of such type of work. It reads as a amalgam of research, autobiography and reference but with a young lady’s emotion in there for noble measure. 
It is tremendously well written and I was really able to sit and read it in one session, I do admit to skipping some parts as I didn't like those ideas.
As I haven't had any personal experience about eating disorders I can't verify how exact it is, the remarks that I can say that this book is interesting and informative.
There is an advice for American readers. Grace Bowman is British and the book is written baked with a hard British accent. She also used some pure English terms with which some Americans may not be accustomed to. For example in the book she describes her weight in "stone". Therefore, for those who haven’t had any idea, the one British stone is equivalent to fourteen pounds. 
Bowman has separated her book into seven segments. Some of the chapters/ segments are numbered while some are given little, descriptive titles. The book in entirety is similar to  an unedited diary in an incoherent manner. Grace Bowman must have thoughtful reasons for writing the book in this way.
 Some segments of the book are really interesting and informative. On the way to the end of her narrative, Bowman elaborated that what it was like for her to improve. She added a quote as well from another book “Beloved” by Toni Morrison in which a character named Amy states, “in essence, that it hurts when something dead comes back to life”.
According to my viewpoint, that was a very shrewd observation of what it should be like for an anorexic person who has decided to let go of a number of recovery treatments. So much of the chaos seems to spin around suppressing emotions and neglecting comfort measures. 
Furthermore, Bowman explains having meal at a boyfriend's residence after having improved somewhat. She's meeting there, having everything they're presenting, jovial a lot, declaring the delicious foods, and not actually enjoying at all. And yet she tolerated it because she wanted so dreadfully for them to approve of her.
Bowman states a lot of shame about her eating disorder and protects her secret cautiously. She often expresses her fear of being examined. And yet, at her tiny weight, that was less than eighty four pounds. It wasn't as if anybody would have become aware of her situation at that size. 
            Thin is one of those marvelous books that would be rather to read more than once to really appreciate her amazing work.
Bowman's honesty should be appreciated about what it's like to have eating disorder known as anorexia nervosa. It’s an attractive account, particularly for someone especially for Americans since Grace is English and she offers some key ideas and information about the English healthcare system.
In reality, given the current hue and cry over the legislation about healthcare that became rule today, this book that seems a narrative work might be particularly appealing.
Grace Bowman elaborates in one segment that she was pressurized to see a psychiatrist who had no proficiency in eating disorders cases because for awhile, a specialist psychiatrist wasn't available at that moment. 
Anyhow, this book is ideal piece of information for anyone who is enthusiastic in reading a factual narrative about a lady who defeated the anorexia nervosa. This book is also ideal for those who want to study more about different cultures and values, especially as they belong to healthcare. 


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