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January 25, 2013

Essay on The Art of Criticism/ the Criticism of Art

The Art of Criticism/ the Criticism of Art
The ways of criticizing art and associated works are innumerable, but the certificate of criticism is only obtained when a person can create or prepare a much superior work than the one he is assailing. However apart from this not so practiced convention of criticism and critique, we find every other tom, dick and harry criticizing things and systems that he either does not completely understand or even if he understands it the opinions and perceptions that compose and constitute his perspective are either biased or unbalance in nature, both these reasons actually self-contradict the point that the criticizer wishes to establish or he rectifies it with the passage of time and with the changes that take place in the status quo. In the present scenario we will be discussing the different dimensions and opinions surrounding the current zeitgeist that confronts the existing status quo that is engulfing the world through a slow poisoning process without even manifesting the ways through which it is enforcing irrevocable obliteration of human lives and resources.
Zeitgeist and the Arrivals
In its literal sense the word Zeitgeist is originated from German language that means the spirit of times and age. When applied in a broad spectrum the terminology encompasses all sorts of intellectual, psychological, social, cultural, political, economical and national characteristics of a nation or any specific group. (Dawkins, 2009)
Apart from the meaning of the term itself zeitgeist has also been of prime importance as it is synonymously interpreted with the movie and documentary that outlines various aspects of American economic system and institution accompanied with the pivotal role it played in serving as the harbinger of the Zeitgeist movement.
The documentary that has been chosen for critiquing purposes that serves as a perfect harbinger to the contemporary phenomenon of zeitgeist prevalent today is what I have found in the form of a documentary made by a group of Turkish film and documentary makers known as The Arrivals. The documentary despite of the fact deals with a much similar topic that may be labeled as mere conspiracy theory by a large group of people, but regardless of all these elements the documentary is worth watching.
The documentary film discusses at length the illusive system of democratic, political and economic fortresses that have been constructed around us in order to blind us from the truth, the truth about our own identity, the truth as to who we are and why are we in this world, the truth that is concealed by a cover up so strong, so powerful and sinister in nature that everyone who dared to confront their hegemony in any way was eliminated whether it was John F. Kennedy, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King or Lady Diana. The crux of the documentary plot focuses on prime issues that we are confronted with such as materialism, social meltdown, media indoctrination and religious infiltration. It unveils the sinister agendas and intentions of people and families like Morgans, Rothschilds and Rockafellars whose generations are the forerunners of the current illusive capitalist and banking system prevalent in the world today. (Wells, 2004)  
It exposes the Christian church dogma that has been created in an attempt to provide orchestrated synonimity of Jesus Christ to Egyptian mythical god Horus.  It exposes the failure of attempts that has ever challenged the hegemony of these families and the terrorism, indoctrination and infiltration that they have proliferated in the entire world on the foundations of fraudulent, deceptive and counterfeiting principles and procedures in the name of equality, convenience and even religion.
The documentary film extends the area of discussion by exploring new areas of research by bringing the role of indoctrinated and sinister religious beliefs that are actually the driving force of the political and economic agendas that are implemented by states and the policies that are made by powerful states to suppress the weaker countries by enslaving them in the gilded and virtual cage of debt that is equivalent to slavery.
 Furthermore the documentary also talks about the infiltration that have taken place in key religions of the world such as Judaism and Christianity with the passage of time through the ways the truth is kept hidden and concealed through fabrication and dogmatic procedures. Moreover it also discusses in limelight the horrendous reality behind the veil of New World Order, the self-orchestrated melodrama behind the destruction of World Trade Centre and the ways through which powerful countries manipulate democracy to accumulate more power and for the security of their vested interests.
A different area that is also dealt by the documentary film is that it also outlines the position of different secret societies such as freemasonry, illuminati and the role of the antichrist which as according to the maker is a ground being prepared to host his arrival. Since the documentary film has been made by Muslim people, a vivid glimpse of their faith and religious ideologies related to the Day of Judgment and the resurrection of Jesus Christ before the end of times. (Reynolds, 2006)
Criticism on these Works
Many of such nature documentary films whether it is Zeitgeist or The Arrivals have met with severe criticism and non-commendable remarks from critic circles. Most of them have been called as a bilge of conspiracy theories and nothing else whereas the others have labeled as gibberish trash of non-sense. (Dwyer, 2007)
In some places the criticism has been so intense that many of the videos posted on internet websites have been subjected to intense censorship. By conducting such attempts one thing that has been comprehensibly manifested is the rigid, stringent and prejudiced way of looking at things simply in a uni-directional way without putting any mind or effort to investigate where and how deep the truth lies and to what extent has it been distorted.
That being said it is important that there is a portion of the documentary that can undoubtedly be labeled as conspiracy theory as it has been told without any proper and concrete evidence supporting or justifying the claim made. For instance in The Arrivals it has been shown at one place that the holocaust of Jews that was done in Germany during the Second World War was actually engineered by the families of Rothschild and Rockefeller with the objective of driving Jews out from Europe and to facilitate the inception of their separate homeland which to this day remains a matter of international dispute, however the makers do not justify this with any evidence or substantiated facts.
In other cases the makers of the documentary have also tried to link music and artists to serve the same sinister agenda as designed by an elite group of people who have always endeavored to blind people from the truth by concealing it in juicy and misleading messages and forms. Once again except for Madonna such relationship and their sinister affiliations with such secret societies either on intentional or unintentional basis could not be justified or established properly.
The documentary film as said earlier has been made by Muslims, but that does not mean that they are the only target audience of the film, the audience for the film can be of any religious background because the problem that the film addresses is common to all and all must strive to unearth the reality that blinds them from viewing this reality. This can be proved by the feedback given by people of diverse religious, racist and ethnic background that have praised and criticized the work in different ways.
An old saying goes that the devil lies in the details, what is shown to us on television and in the form of newspapers is just one angle of a multi-dimensional story that is overwhelmingly influenced by the organizational policies and corporate agendas of media baron organizations. Once the documentary film was released an allied project initiated by the same people was started entitled Wake up Project that aims to spread the word of truth and to help them in developing a resistance the absence of which capitulates the individual and is subsequently capitalized by these agents and forces. (Wake up Project, 2009)
It is worth mentioning here that when such scandalizing realities that were buried deep down under the massive rubble of hogwash, tampered and disinformation tactics, it becomes increasingly difficult to acknowledge the veracity related to events that they were previously indoctrinated upon. Hence blames and accusations like labeling them as a conspiracy or lack of authentic evidence are easily understood.
But despite of all that I would suggest everyone to watch the documentary once by marginalizing their personal biases and prejudices, understand the viewpoint which has been used in its making and conduct research at personal level to find out the truth, because one thing that is certain from the documentary film is that it will definitely provide everyone an incentive and a cause worth researching on.


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