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January 8, 2013

Essay on Patriot Act and the US

Patriot Act and the US
            In the events that followed the disastrous calamity of 9/11 in the form of the complete destruction of the WTC accompanied with the deaths of 3000 innocent people, the government of the United States formulated some extremely stringent measures in order to prevent and at the same time combat any such attempts that intend to pose a threat to the national security either to the state or its civilians in any possible form.
            Commonly known as the Patriot Act, the law intends to provide people with additional security and surveillance at concurrently detect and trace any such elements that may seem to be intimidating or threatening to security issues in the country. However during the course of this discussion we would be analyzing the effects of the different clauses of this act on people belonging to the corporate or business and simple individuals.
Business community and Patriot act
            As far as the kingpins of the corporate sector are concerned they have apparently taken a sigh of relief from the protection from any kind of terror danger that the Act provides them, but at the same time the business community is not readily willing to acknowledge the extension that law enforcement and the Justice department requires and demands for the implementation of this act.
             Their major concern circulates around some crucial clauses of the act which provide law enforcement authorities to gain access to some of the most confidential and secretive financial documents of the company which are only in the knowledge of only the top guns of any organization.
            Surprisingly the objectioners to such clauses also included close allies of the Bush government such as the National association of Realtors and the US Chamber of Commerce and are therefore using their influence to pressurize the Congress in order to strike down the liberties that it intends to provide to law enforcement agencies. (Dunham, 2005)
Individuals and the patriot Act 
            On the other hand if the effect of individuals regarding the Patriot Act is assessed one can say that with the passing of this legislation they have been provided with documented, tangible and concrete evidence that an event of intensity and destruction like the 9/11 or something similar to it will never happen again.
             Individuals that either go to their colleges or schools or to their offices are now sure that people engaged in different terrorist and illicit activities will be traced and tracked down by agencies like FBI and CIA whose role in ensuring the security of citizens has increased to unprecedented levels. Most of them also agreed and found themselves with the idea that the presence of the Act provides them a legal and legitimate shield against terrorism.
            However on the other side individuals with the passage of time have also started to understand that the Act in a very subtle way also tracks and keeps an eye on every move that they make, they have started to understand that under the regulations of the law our surveillance is being strictly monitored and traced with every passing second.
Every email that they send to their friends sitting in any different country or even the short message that they send to their neighbor is being stored and registered in a secret and clandestine database.
            Because of all these reasons they have also started to understand that the liberty that as an individual they deserve and must enjoy is being put at stake in the midst of defending the national interests of the country. (Anderson, 2004)


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