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March 18, 2013

Essay Paper on "The War On Drugs"

It is interesting to note that despite the high number of kilograms of marijuana seized by the police each year, the cultivation of pot and its consumption does not decrease. Regarding culture, the reason is quite simple: the return on investment is so important that it overshadows the risk of getting caught.  
Besides finance wars and their pockets, drugs are useful as an instrument of social control. As the drugs were more prevalent in the U.S., consumption has increased dramatically. Demand can lead to supply, but supply also generates demand. The first condition for consumption is the availability and the product is brought by the public in large quantities. Half a century ago communities of urban slums were all in misery than they are today, as we do not consume as many drugs because the narcotics are not discharged with both abundance and their price was not as accessible as today. Those who want to legalize hashish should specify "hashish" instead of using the term-generic "drugs" because, for many, that means the crack, the ice, PCBs, heroin and other hard drugs that have caused many victims in the communities. It would be impossible to win an international war against drugs if the United States does not agree to a concerted effort and they were bringing countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Thailand, Colombia, Peru and Bolivia to be also worked hard to fight their drug dealers than they are with their peasants, their students and workers who fight for social improvements. American politics is far less interested in the fight against drugs than it is to use drugs and drug dealers in the eternal war of the empire for the social control inside and outside.
The state should not intervene in peaceful commercial activities between consenting adults. The current situation regarding the prohibition of drugs is identical in its nature, the prohibition of alcohol that plagued the early 20th century. (Myers, 23)
The main economic benefit from the legalization of marijuana cultivation is that consumers could, once the product is freely sold, benefit from advanced technology that provides mass production. Improved culture method is slowed down mainly because people had to hide to produce marijuana. It is obvious that free culture would allow producers to invest in improving the product and its manufacture. Today, this reinvestment is minimal compared to the investment that is sure not to get caught by the authorities.
          Some argue that legalizing marijuana is desirable since it will bring the government, through taxes, additional money it needed to continue its mission, and it would be desirable that the sale be regulated as is that of wines and spirits.(Kayla, 56)
All the above-mentioned discussion revealed both pros and cons of using drugs. Both sides have valid and strong points to support their decision.  In my opinion, it is fine to legalize drugs for medicinal use with some restrictions. First of all, age restriction should be followed while prescribing drugs and it would not be prescribed for people under eighteen years of age. Second, drugs would never be prescribed for pregnant women. Third, drugs would not be prescribed for people who are already Alcoholic or addicted to them. I think medicinal use of drugs can be legalized after taking all the necessary precautions to minimize the negative effects of drugs.  
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