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May 2, 2013

Essay on Central Park New York

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Descriptive essay on central park New York
The 843 acres park in the center of Manhattan in New York City was built in competition with the famous Bois De Boulogne Park and Hyde Park of Paris and London. And since its inception, in 1857, the park has been a model for city parks all over the world.
After the land for the park was bought in 1853, originally 770 acres before it was expanded to 843, a competition was held to produce such a design for the park which could rival with the then known famous parks. A design by Frederic Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux was declared the winner of the competition. The design, called ‘the Greensward Plan', focused on an English style idyllic landscape which featured large meadows, several lakes and hills and reservoir. Central Park also has a large number of statues, mostly funded by private donations or subscriptions. Illustrious figure of men dominate the statues and references to Greek and Roman mythology are sparse or occur incidentally. The famous figures include Balto, Alice and Wonderland and even William Shakespeare. Apart from that, there are fountains and the oldest public monument in North America, The Obelisk, also adds to the splendor and magnificence of the park.
The best thing I like about it is not an "attraction" in the normal sense. Rather it is the scenic beauty of the natural green and pastoral escape the Central Park offers to one of the busiest cities in the world. I love to wander through the trails, exploring the rustic spaces and basking in nature. As a matter of fact the winding roads especially for the pedestrians are separated from main roads and the huge number of trees ensures the city's buildings are not visible from within the park, hence lending an air of rustic seclusion and idyllic ambiance.
The lushness and beauty of large fauna incorporated in the landscape designing may seem real but is in fact mostly artificial. This fauna has now become a habitat of numerous animals and insects that enhance the beauty and the feel of the beauty of nature. I remember going to the park as a child to collect different insects for my teacher to show.
But still there is a Central Park Zoo and Wildlife Center and the Children's Zoo for the animal lovers, where there are over 1,400 animals of more than 130 species belonging to three different temperature zones: tropic, garden and polar.
Initially the park was built for the purpose of relaxation with all its scenic beauty and to meditate in its calmness. But after the appointment of Robert Moses in 1934 as New York City Parks Commissioner, the focus of the park’s purpose shifted from relaxation to recreation. For that he constructed many sport facilities, playgrounds and the Wollman rink. The sports facilities include a number of opportunities for physical activities and other fun pastimes. So for that purpose two skating rinks, a carousel, a public swimming pool, baseball fields, tennis courts and other sport attractions were added to the original plan.
But the park saw some years of decline in the 1960s when it became an attraction for the criminals as well. The visitors and tourists no longer felt safe and avoided going there. This made it a refuge for the criminals and a symbol of New York City's decline.
But in 1980s a group of citizen rose and created the Central Park Conservancy which works with the city in the maintenance and renovation of the park. Their work has largely improved the park’s condition and has brought it at par again with the world’s best city parks.
New Yorkers religiously visit the Central Park, especially in the weekends, which attracts thousands of runners, cyclists, skaters and other athletes. I also love to go running there whenever I find the opportunity.Traffic is prohibited on weekends and some holidays. Central Park also contains a large community of squirrels found in most green areas of the city. They are easily approached, especially if they realize that a treat awaits them. So it is fun to take something along with you but the Park Conservatory recommends avoiding feeding them. Ducks and some swans also frequent the water bodies including Lake and the Pound.
Thus the park with its rear combination of recreation and relaxation still holds a wondrous place after all these years. Not only is it a paradise for the naturalists seeking the close proximity of nature, albeit artificial, it is an undisputed recreational and entertaining place for the festive souls who visit the park regularly and are also welcomed to perform at its various theatres and concerts like Central Park Brass and New York Classical Theatre. So it can be said that with the revival of the city and the park in the new century, Central Park has not only provided a place of entertainment but has also acted as a platform for the young artists to perform.


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