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June 22, 2013

Essay on Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance

NGOs today in this competitive corporate environment operate in order to counter any kind of looming threat, intend to prepare themselves in advance. One key factor that facilitates and plays a pivotal role in the development of any organization is the potential and skills of its employees. Furthermore it is also important to realize the significance of each employee and acknowledge the services that the employee has contributed for the development of the company.
The XYZ Corporation understands and simultaneously acknowledges the fact that the role of employees has been extremely pivotal as far as the growth and survival of organization in these recessionary times. Hence as an attempt of enhancing the level of motivation among employees the organization wants assistance in the incorporating of novel features in the benefits plan that the organization offers to its employees.
As the organization is nonprofit that receives funding from the state government on an annual basis to provides services to those deemed to be medically indigent, the benefits plan that the organization needs assistance in will primarily focus upon the expansion of the level of benefits and allowances that the company is presently offering its employees. In order to fulfill this objective the organization ha specifically formed and promulgated the 401k Plan through the implementation of which the employees of the organization will be provided with a wholesome amount of their savings that will be afforded by the organization. Since the ages of majority of employees of the organization are above 40 it was mandatory that proper streamlining for the introduction of this human resource policy and benefit is incorporated within the benefit structure of the company.
 The management and the human resource department of the organization does acknowledge the fact that the recent pay cuts in the salaries of employees because of economic turmoil may not be a very encouraging sign as far as the motivation level of employees is concerned, hence as a reimbursement to the cost cutting strategy the company has decided to increase the level of services that the organization is currently offering to its employees primarily to reinstate the level of motivation among employees.
One of the areas where the organization has specifically focused in terms of benefit provision for its employees has been in terms of providing them with an increase in the limit and expenditure of health. Employees in their insurance plan provided by the company will now be provided with maternity facilities for their families.
All expenses whether it be the expenses of the hospital or medications will be afforded completely by the organization. In addition to this the scope of health facilities provided to senior employees has also been increased by the organization. According to the new benefit plan these senior employees will be able to have their personal as well as family medical and dental checkup in a reputable medical institution of the state on bi-monthly basis.
Furthermore the medications or any stay in the hospital for the treatment will be afforded by the organization of its senior employees specifically. This facility has further been extended to encompass the senior employees of the company even after they retire from the company.
In addition to this the management of the organization is also focusing upon restructuring and reorganizing their benefits plan for senior employees of the organization in the form of providing them adequate relief with the provision of short and long term disability plan that will help them in engaging their checkup and medical examination from a prestigious medical institution in an age when the likelihood of suffering from diseases like arthritis or osteoporosis increases substantially.   
With the incorporation of these facilities the NGO will be able to explore novel frontiers through the redefining of the dimensions related to human resources and their subsequent application of operations in contemporary corporate culture.


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