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June 26, 2013

Essay on Dangerous and Natural Energy

When two blocks of earth slipping pass each other are suddenly stuck on the rough edges, a large amount of slipping energy gets stored up. So when this energy overcomes the force of friction, and the edges get unstuck the stored energy erupts and radiates in all direction causing an earthquake. This phenomenon destruction may not be predicted beforehand but the magnitude of the force it radiates can be measured using different tools and methods. But even then there are some monitoring systems that may predict the occurrence of any kind of earthquake in future.
One such report was released by the United States Geological Survey (USGS) in 2008 which predicted the pattern of possible earthquakes in United States in the next fifty years. According to the report the regions on the eastern and the mid western side of United States are under more risk of an earthquake in the next fifty years then other regions of the States. The regions at most risk, highlighted red, include some areas of California and Oregon. While the other regions facing less risk like greater part of California, Oregon, Washington and other eastern and mid western states are highlighted various other shades according to the risk they face of a possible earth quake in future.
The state of Illinois, my home town, is not very much at risk as it is highlighted a darker shade of grey which comes right after white and light grey, the areas having the least risk of an earthquake. This makes this state a relatively safe place to live in.
USGS also released a report indicating the places from all over the world which had suffered an earth quake in the last seven days. A close observation of the report reveals the continents of Americas, Asia, Europe, Africa and Australia suffered the affects of earth quake of different     Richter scales in the course of the last week with North America suffering the most amount of earthquakes and Africa facing the least amount of it. However North America may have had the most number of earth quakes but it is the earth quakes in South America that have the largest magnitude of 7 Richter which is considered a major earth quake while the earth quakes in north America are all below 4 which do not cause any damage. As we that the region of Santiago Del Estero, Argentina in South America had an earth quake of 7 Richter magnitude in the last seven days.
The idea of living in one of the red areas on the map is certainly not an appealing one because of the danger it poses to both human life and property. And if by any chance my family and I have to relocate to an area with highest risk of earth quake then the best thing to do will be to follow all the before, during and after emergency measures suggested by the various disaster prevention organizations including the USGS. These precautions include taking the Red Cross first aid course and making sure that the furniture inside the house is set such that it does not fall down or roll about in the likely event of an earth quake. For this the hanging furniture should be attached with wall studs for more secure hanging and least amount of glass. The family members should be told to take refuge under some heavy furniture if you are indoors when earthquake comes and you need to stay calm at all events.
The regions that recently faced the most destructive of earth quakes include Haiti and Eastern Sichuan part of China. Haiti region faced force of 7 magnitude which caused an estimated number of 222,570 deaths while China was hit by an earth quake of 7.9 magnitude causing 87,587 deaths. This shows that no matter how many seismological tools science may have produced, it is still not possible to predict the exact date and time of an earth quake though scientist can predict a possibility of such disasters by the knowledge of any particular facts. In addition to that science has not come up with any method to prevent such huge natural catastrophes faced by human beings.
But even then science has invented various seismological tools that are sensitive to every kind of rumbling in the planet. These tools include Seismograph machine. This machine collects and records the vibrations of the earth in the form of a seismogram. Trucks, Planes, Helicopters, and even computers are used to record ground vibrations and to visualize the movements of the Earth. Scientists use these to tools to find out the magnitude and the exact location of the earth quake as it is difficult to find the epicenter where the edges might have stuck. These tools helped the scientist to get to know about the location of possible aftershocks.
Geological energy and biological energy are two different types of energy that are both exothermic in nature but their source, effect, and type is totally different from each other. Geological energy is found in nature in many forms and earth quake is one form of its manifestation. This energy exists in the form of mechanical energy that is not found in living things. This energy often causes damage and destruction to living things and their environment.
On the other hand the source of biological energy is the solar energy from the sun which is stored as chemical energy by the living things like animals and plants. This energy is converted into chemical energy mainly by plants and exists mainly in the biological or living organisms. Unlike geological energy this energy is vital for the survival of living things.
Apart from sharing the exothermic nature, these two energies cause some action to occur during their transfer from one form to another and both of them come from a source existing in the  solar system and this source is sun in case of biological energy and the earth in case of geological energy radiating from an earth quake.


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