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July 29, 2013

Essay on Basic Health and Fitness

Basic health and fitness
Physical fitness is about how you manage your daily life without being fatigued and tired. Individual who have the stamina to maintain his routine activities along with leisure and having fun is a true healthy person. The people must have excessive energy so that they can meet the unusual demands of life. This excessive energy can only be obtained by those who are active and careful about their health. There are three type of physical fitness; health related fitness, skill related fitness and physiological fitness. Health related fitness is achieved by those who have healthy cardio-respiratory organs. These organs include heart, lungs and vessels that supply blood in various parts of our body. The blood carries oxygen and thus healthiness of these organs is required so that the oxygen can be obtained by all parts of our body. Our muscles and bones are also required to be fit to bear the weight of our body, so that they would be able to made us able to pull heavy weight by producing force. Our muscles flexibility is the sign of muscle’s fitness. If we are injured by pulling or lifting heavy weight then it shows the unhealthiness of our muscles flexibility. We are said to be physically fit if our body contains the proper and enough nutrition’s that are required to be healthy. Skill related fitness is that fitness in which different activities required some skills and our body is able to achieve that activity by having that required skill. Skill related fitness is also very important because it helps the individuals in the emergency situations to deal healthily. Skill related fitness demands agility and energy, ability to produce balance in different situation or games, coordination of our nervous system and muscular system so that we can produce better results from our efforts, power to move jump and run, reaction time and speed. Physiological fitness is a term used by medical personalities for the person whose body is able to protect and defend him from diseases and or by other activities that could harm him physically. A man is physiologically fit if he has the immunity power against diseases or injuries. A person has to be fit physically, skillfully and physiologically to get the bounties and blessings of life. To attain a good health regular exercise is very helpful. It keeps us fresh and active all the day long. Following are some techniques useful to maintain the healthiness of your body system.
Super Sets:

Chest, back, shoulder and neck are the supersets that required exercises to remain fit and healthy. The strength exercise for chest is inclined dumbbell press and its stabilization exercise is the medical ball chest pass. Pull up is the strength exercise good for back and soccer throw exercise stabilizes the back. In order to main the health and fitness of your shoulder, overhead dumbbell exercise is required where as scoop top can stabilize the strength of shoulders. The strength of legs is very important because it bears the weight of our body. Barbell squat is a strength exercise which is good for leg’s fitness and squat jump is a stabilization exercise for legs [NASM Essentials of Personal Fitness Training. By Micheal A. Clark, National Academy of Sports Medicine, Scott Lucett, Rodney J. Corn]. These supersets of exercise are use to empower your strength. These supersets are usually recommended to exercise back to back. There are two ways in which the superset system exercise can be performed. It’s one way is that way in which one set of two or four exercise is adopted and allowed rest time between the exercise is one minute or less. The development and maintenance of upper, middle or lower portion is achieved by inclined dumbbell press, overhead dumbbell press, and pull over of dumbbell. The second way of this exercise emphasizes on the working of agonist against antagonist muscles. This is done by doing exercise which enables the agonist muscles to work where as the antagonist muscles are at rest and vice versa. This done repeatedly shifting agonist and antagonist muscle exercise. [Injury prevention and rehabilitation for active older adults By Kevin P. Speer].

Forced Reps:

Forced rep is another way of exercising; it is an advanced technique in which a person is allowed to repeat exercise until his muscles fails to do it again. You may either leave it by yourself once you get tired or your trainer will let you to stop. In this exercise you advance your weights as soon as you get used to of previous weights if you are doing it correctly. In this way forced rep let you increase you strength and build faster as compare to any other exercise by letting you to lift as heavier weight as your muscles can support. It is unlike the exercise of increasing strength. This exercise is good for body builders. It works more effectively and faster but the only thing you need to be careful about is that you should workout under the supervision of a good trainer or if you are doing it yourself you have to be trained or doing it correctly [Natural bodybuilding By John Hansen].  

Pyramid system:

The pyramid system is another way of doing exercise to remain healthy and fit. It is a system that allows the person to do an heavy to light exercise and light to heavy exercise unlikely superset systems. The lifter pulls up a light to heavier weight and again pulls up the heavy to lighter Weight. [Injury prevention and rehabilitation for active older adults By Kevin P. Speer] The pyramid system of exercises is used for the muscle enhancement. It is a way of workout which is done repeated set of reps and it is very effective for the building of body. Most of the bodybuilders star pyramid system of exercise from lifting lighter weight gradually shift it to heavy weight and then again shift this heavy weight to lower weight. This is done repeatedly. When starting with a lower weight it simply warms you up and slowly adds little weights in it. Joints, tendons, and ligaments are the areas of body that required warm up before a heavy exercise and thus pyramid system is effective for these areas of body otherwise starting an exercise from heavy weight can cause injury. The twelve to fifteen repetitions of lighter to heavier weight and heavier to lighter weight helps your blood to circulate in every part of your body especially in muscles which let your body parts to perform well and let them build faster. Most authors recommend bench press exercise for the pyramid system. There is a choice in number of repetitions in this exercise. You can either vary or limit the set of repetitions in pyramid exercise. [Natural bodybuilding By John Hansen]


Periodization is just opposite to repeated and forced exercise instead it is a planned and organized way to achieve fitness and strength. In order to maximize physical strength periodically, this type of methodology is used for exercise. This can be a short or long period; in the estimated period the training is given to the person to achieve fitness, power and strength. A person can boost his physical abilities in this time. It is mostly adopted for a particular event or competition. There exist different models of Periodization that can be adopted for exercise. Commonly has three cycles of training micro-cycle, meso-cycle and macro-cycle. The micro cycle is the training program that consists of seven days of training where as meso cycle can be from two weeks to few months. The meso cycle is further classified into preparation phase, competition phase, peaking phase and transition phase. The macro cycle is the training period of one year; it may represent the overall plan of training. The program starts with the lighter exercises which increase with the increase in person’s ability. The training of flexibility and endurance is also given in this program. It maximizes the mass of muscles and its strength and useful for athletes.


Health and fitness is very important in order to spend a prosperous and healthy life. Physical fitness can only be achieved by taking proper nutrition’s and exercise. Exercise and games helps a lot in remaining active and fit. It increases the person’s power to tackle the situations where extra energy is required. There are three major physical areas of body which required care to remain fit. The respiratory organs that supply blood to other part of the body, brain muscles and bones have to be healthy for physical, skill and physiological fitness. There are different methods that can be adopted for regular exercise. These methods include super sets  forced reps, pyramid system, and Periodization. All these methods increase physical strength and power by using their own ways of exercise. One should adopt exercise as their habit so that he would be able to achieve blessings and bounties of life.



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