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July 25, 2013

Essay on Casino Management

Casino management
Casino comes from an Italian word casa which means house. During 19th century it is changed to the word casino to refer to a house which provides entertainment. Casino and gambling has a one to one relationship because it is a place which facilitates and accommodates gamblers for gaming. Mostly you can find casinos in the restaurants hotels and at the spots of tourist’s attraction. They set up some entertainment programs like concerts; musical shows etc. but there were some examples in history of casinos that have never used for gambling like a casino of Denmark which was a used for public meetings and a casino of Finland which was a sign of Russian nobility [].
In order to understand the management of casino we first know the history of gambling since the structure of casino accounting depends on its activities. There is no particular date recorded from where the history of gambling starts but according to Chinese it was started in 2300 B.C. this game is popular in almost every society from the ancient times. Entertainment through games has always been the center of attention in all civilization from ancient Greek to Elizabeth England. One of the first renowned casinos was the casino de vanezia of Italy which was developed around 1638. Casinos were first known as saloons in America, which was very popular in most of its states but 20th century gambling was banned by the government. After 1931 it was again legalized by the American government in some of its state [].
      In most the countries gambling is allowed to the person over the age 18 or 16 according to the license criteria in their legislation. Gambling is based on the games of chances and skills. They are the games that are mathematically programmed in a way that the casino must have advantage over its players which is known as house edge. In some games the casino takes commission which is called rake. Comps are given to the gamblers for free by the house. The player’s success depends on the amount of money the more he puts the more he gets; it is beneficial for him to use more money in gambling. In return of comps they can get anything from drinks, pent house suits to free food [].
The Management Pyramid:
The effectiveness of performance from the team member is the key element is the key element in the management of any business and it effects directly to the profitability of the casino. The employees that acquired technical skills to the staff that acquired management skills all have an important role to play in the overall casino management. The requirement of skills of the front line staff is technical where as the staff at top level required managerial skills. The management pyramid is about the relationship between the skills and the levels [jim kilbey, jim fox, Anthony F. lucas(2005). Casino operations management (second edition)].
Organization structure:
The pyramid of casino management is made by lines that show the relationship between Management skills verses technical skills which shows that the assignment of responsibilities is based on the skills and experience of an individual. A typical organization consists of different divisions and its president and these divisions are separated by allotment of the accountabilities and responsibilities of control. Each department required to be operated by its separate departmental head. The director of surveillance and its team is responsible to monitor all the tasks that are carried on in the house. They are responsible to monitor the regulations of rule and its violation, and to observe the activities of the individuals that are working in the casino and report them to the president. The success of the house depends on the loyal performance of this department because assets and gaming operations are under its observation. The structure of the casino management suggests if the vice president of the finance department can report the president directly or to report its preventative. The operations of budgets and auditions of its result are under the duties of this department. Cage, credits and collection functions are also monitored by this department. The balance and assets are two most sensitive areas of a casino; its safeguard is the key responsibility of the vice president of finance. The description of some common departments in an organizational structure is as follow;
The head person who is responsible for the monitoring of all the operations, related to casino and hotel and to allot responsibilities to all the individuals in the house.
Shift manager:
 The responsibilities of customer care payouts are handled by this individual.
Head slot mechanic:
He is the supervisor of all mechanics and maintains the information related to slot machines.
Floor person:
He is the person who participates in the operations of payouts and transactions. Booth cashier and change attendants work under his supervision.
Change attendants:
The customer’s transactions and the responsibilities of bank are given to the change attendants.
Booth cashier:
Making change and redeeming coins to the customer are the duties of booth cashier. He also completes the payouts and transactions [jim kilbey, jim fox, Anthony F. lucas(2005). Casino operations management (second edition)].
Casino marketing:
The development and maintenance of the database of customer is very important in an organization this is done by the director of marketing of the casino who supervises the department of marketing of the casino and all the tasks related to it. To implement something new in house for the appeal of new customers and for the permanent customers are the key responsibilities of the director of marketing. He is responsible to look after the activities of several departments. Casinos hire hosts to grab the attention of customers and to provide the services they need [jim kilbey, jim fox, Anthony F. lucas(2005). Casino operations management (second edition)].
Other casino department:
There is a keno department in the casino for which keno manager is appointed to manage all the aspects of this department from staffing, customer care to finance operations. Keno shift manager is responsible for keno gaming and verifications of tickets. There are runners and writers in the keno department. In the poker department the poker manager is responsible for all the operations that are required in the department and poker shift manager overviews the poker game in the particular shift and performs cashier operations and arrange tournaments. Poker dealer deals with operations carried on a particular table that is given to him. There is a director of race and sports who operates and manages all aspects of this department. There is shift manager also allotted for this department who on the activities related to race and sports in a particular shift. A race and sport writer and cashier is needed to record the wages and payouts [jim kilbey, jim fox, Anthony F. lucas(2005). Casino operations management (second edition)].
Security and surveillance:
This department requires a security officer, director of surveillance and surveillance officer. The security officer takes care of the assets. High security of drop and count process is required which is done by the security officer. He is involved in all the money related activities to secure assets of the casino. Then comes to the director of surveillance who is responsible to keep his eye on all the activities of the house and reports it to the president. He is responsible if any suspicious activity takes place in the house. He is the person who controls the enforcement of rules of the casino and authorized to take actions in case of violation of rules. Surveillance officer maintain and keep the record of activities of the house. His main focus is the application of rules and regulations in the house [jim kilbey, jim fox, Anthony F. lucas(2005). Casino operations management (second edition)].
Casino hotel system:
All the operations of casinos are recorded in the computer for which different systems are applied. The operation of accounting, payroll and purchase influences the systems of casino. These systems operations are very much important in the overall management of casino hotel systems. These systems include human resource, account payable systems, fixed asset systems, account receivable system, financial reporting, keno system, race and sports book system, retail system, ticketing system, time and attendance system, inventory purchasing system, hotel system, food and beverage system, casino systems and slot systems [jim kilbey, jim fox, Anthony F. lucas(2005). Casino operations management (second edition)].  
 The casino management is now legalized in various parts of the world. It is now modernized with the use of proper techniques in the operations. The industry needs to cover up the constraints that prohibit its growth. They should motivate their employees to work professionally and efficiently. They should refine their management for consistent growth. The creative techniques should be adopted for marketing. The operations should be fair for the profitability of every department. The employees should highly skilled and experienced so that they can put their best in the growth of the industry and trainings should be provided to them if necessary. The security should be high enough for the safeguard of assets which ensures the implication of rules in the casino environment. These are the factors that would be helpful in the upward growth of the casino house [Dean M Macomber, management policy and practices in modern casino operations].

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