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July 11, 2013

Essay on Designer's Clothing

Clothing and personality are related. It is generally thought that what a person looks on the outside is the way he or she is from the inside. Upon examination, a lot of assumptions about a person based on what he, she wears, or how he or she dresses is possible. So the personality of a person can be speculated on the basis of how he or she dresses. Close observation of the way people dress can reveal a wide series of personal aspects like - mood, lifestyle, ethics, personal preferences and personality traits. For example, by looking at a specific piece of clothing, it is possible to get a vivid picture of the person wearing it.
Clothing reflects the personality, because people usually wear what they like and what makes them feel good about themselves. In this time, it is very difficult to follow the tendency of each generation, be it the way they carry their clothes or how they represent themselves through their personality. Each person or group has its own style. The styles reflect their lifestyle. If the person is interested in sport, he or she tends to be more casual in their choice of clothing. If one socializes with a posh crowd, he or she tends to be very particular in their choice of clothing. Therefore it can be said that people have their own preference in clothing according to their personality.
The need for clothing is one of the basic necessities of life. How we choose to wear it, defines the kind of person that we, or our status in society. As people develop, the requirements of clothes to meet the physical and psychological needs of their specific age group change. These changes in requirements take into account the properties and design of textiles as well as cost, construction and durability of the clothes.
I as a teenager prefer to wear designer clothes over Wal-Mart brand clothes as I find designer clothes to be more vibrant and depict my personality more expressly unlike Wal-Mart clothes which more or less give an air of uniform blend. Moreover my choice of clothes is also influenced by the difference in the use of fabric and style employed in making of clothing from each sources.
It is generally said, and there is no doubt, that clothes at Wal-Mart are economically more feasible to buy since people sometimes find it difficult to spend much on their fashion requirements. Wal-Mart has therefore has been a spot on place to shop with the current recession mounting. But the satisfaction ratings on the quality of fabric and style are not as good. This has actually led to a recent “clogging of unsold apparels” that have led Wal-Mart officials to start the clearing of unwanted stocks. This is mainly because the cheap apparels provided at the mart have such thin and unendurable fabric that does not last much longer. Even according to a consumer advocate publication Wall-Mart clothes despite being cheap are not consumer satisfactory because of their poor quality and workmanship. Apart from that the clothes are not personally satisfactory, as mentioned earlier; they do not help me bring out my true personality. Therefore I prefer to buy designer clothes instead.
The positive aspect of designer clothes is that they are available in the just the right style hues I like. Though the prices of these clothes is nothing close to the prices at Wall-Mart designer clothes still have in them a unique eminence regarding the creative and fashionable design, additionally the fabric used in them gives comfort to its wearer, and the outstanding composition of the dress makes it long-lasting for daily use. In reality, when you choose designer clothes you are getting your money's worth. As buying a jeans from Wall-Mart may be cheaper than Levis but the Levis jeans will last for five years as compared to Wall-Mart jeans which might not last for more than three months.

Therefore I prefer to go with quality that is stylish as well. And as it is true that expensive clothes especially have a better quality and a good design therefore the money is not much of a problem when it comes to getting what your preferences are. So by choosing to buy good quality I do not have to replace my basic necessities much as they last for longer than cheap clothes. So while some people look for cheaper clothes regardless of the quality and style, I prefer to focus on the quality of the fabric which matches my taste and is comfortable to wear.

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