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July 31, 2013

Essay on Drugs

Why are drugs a critical issue on society

Drug addiction is free from social classes, genders, races, ethnicity  lifestyles, and age groups because affliction of drugs is equal in both licit and illicit drugs. The drug addiction is common nowadays because of the media that promotes it explicitly or implicitly which cause seduction to use these drugs. There are some simultaneous changes that are caused by the use of drugs which has a drastic effect on society and hence it is now become a critical issue to use drugs (Alexandrova Anna, 2004).

Drugs a critical issue in the society:

The major cause of criticality of drugs usage is that it badly influences the mind of the person who uses it, making that person a useless part of the society. The addicted person cannot indulge himself into any developmental activities and persuade himself into activities that spoil him. There are many cases that have been observed in which addiction of drugs lead the person into rehab centers and even in some cases it has caused death of the affected person. This also affects the social reputation of the person and his family because drug addiction is considered as ethical dilemma in the society. The drugs usage puts a well reputed, well settled and intelligent person in jeopardy. Although the government is continuously implementing orders to prevent the usage of drugs but there are some legal forms of drugs that are in common use and have a radical effect on the health of public like alcohol and cigarettes may cause cancer. Another reason of drugs being a critical issue in the society is that it destroys the neighborhood and rampant charity. It is an immoral activity to supply drugs and spoils innocent people.  Due to highly distracted minds these drug addicted people may also involved in criminal activities which is not acceptable in any respectful society (Hanson Glen R., Venturelli Peter J., Fleckenstein Annette E., 2005).

Problematic groups and empirical reason:
The groups that have involved themselves into drug addiction for pleasure and those who are involved in supplying drugs are considered as problematic groups in the society. These groups are not only following a wrong path and destroying themselves but they also influence others to follow the same path. They are incrementally producing individuals that are a source of curse in the society. Unfortunately there are many examples that have been observed that reflects the hazardous effect of drug addiction. One of its miserable stories is of a person who got addicted for about ten years. He wrote,” Deep down I was miserable. I lacked confidence and often my thoughts gave way to despair. Feelings of anger, jealousy and depression – the buried resentments of an unhappy upbringing – welled up inside me. But above all there was fear. I masked all of this by playing the macho man. I desperately needed to be accepted. At times my inadequacies and fears were so immense that I became almost suicidal. Then I got lucky and discovered drink and drugs. They gave my life a whole new meaning. They changed the way I felt inside. When I felt fear, a stiff drink would fix it. When I felt inadequate, a joint would calm me down and boost my confidence. Of course, it didn’t last. All my despairs, frustrations and fears came flooding back, intensified many times over. But now there were other feelings too which are Shame, self-loathing, damaged pride and the dreaded feelings of guilt. Dependency hadn't worked. It was a living hell.
After 10 years of addiction I had reached the gutter.” (drugs line) These evidences of drug addiction proof the chronicle nature of drugs. This case shows the unethical behavior of drug suppliers who let the people into drug abuse and produces a dissonance in the society.
Groups affected by the social issue:
The addicted people are highly affected by the social issues because of their in acceptance. Society does not accept the groups that are involved in non ethical, controversial and criminal activities. The drug addicted people are patients as their psychological condition is badly affected by its usage and they should be treated like patient. The treatment of drug addiction costs time and therefore in most cases a lot of time has been lost for recovering into a normal and useful part of the society. The addicted teens are rusticated from schools because of the fear of outbreak of drug usage. Business men suffer from business loss, resulted in damage of his reputation. Drug addiction is a controversial issue of the society and therefore addicted people are neglected in the society. They suffer at a very great extent from these social issues.
Included and excluded groups:
Included groups are those that are highly addicted excluded groups are those that are not very intensely addicted. Excluded groups from the list of affected people from social issues are those groups that use licit drugs or legal drugs. Even drug suppliers are not very intensely effect if they escape from the police but the act of supplying drugs is extremely condemned.
Values that are at stake:
Moral and social values are at stake by the act of drugs usage in any form. Because people involved in drug usage break law in their unconsciousness, they can commit crime and even hurt themselves. They are unhealthy part of the society. Because of their psychological disturbance they don’t follow moral and social values. Its usage caused the breakage of moral and social values. These people can harm other people in their surroundings and therefore people do not accept their presence.
Policies that address these issues:
In the United States the agenda that is working to prevent the usage of drug focuses on the reduction of drug usage in teens. Department of Education’s Safe and Drug Free Schools
And Communities Act (SDFSCA) was passed to implement this policy. Other programs like Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Agency (SAMHSA) and its sub-agency the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention (CSAP) are also working to assure the reduction of drugs usage and to avoid the breakage of moral and social values. Other programs like Substance Abuse Policy Research Program (SAPRP) also put their efforts in this noble cause and funded many researches in prevention of drugs. The first aim of prevention policies is to target youth. They also focus on risk factors from the usage of drugs and on the campaigns that might cause the promotion of drug usage. NIDA and SAMHSA are two programs that work theoretically for the same cause. (denise dion hallfors,2010)
Impact of drugs prevention policies:
The impact of agenda and policies that work for the prevention of drugs related events like its marketing, use and supply is not very intense. They promote to work for the prevention of initiation of drugs usage in youth which is very slow since it requires keen observations and strict implementation of laws which is not possible to some extent. The drug prevention policies are processed by counseling of people where the probability of drug usage is high. The problem is that the counseling cannot guarantee the prohibition of drug usage and therefore its impact is very slow or nearly weak.
Analysis of social perspective:
Social deviance is the social perspective that is used and the functionalities, interactions and conflicts are all addressed under the same perception. Drugs abuse causes the psychological changes in mind which produces disorder of mind; it is expressed as social deviance by social perspective. Because drugs abuse is one sort of crime which causes problems in the society as it implicitly or explicitly ruins the life of an individual and develops his mentality that can commit crime. There is a labeling theory that deals with the issue of drugs abuse in society. This theory says that deviance is not inherited or a characteristic of an individual but it is a status of a person who has an unacceptable behavior in the society. Labeled deviant consequences into the consistency of the behavior of drug addicted person that is directed towards the labeled direction.

According to this theory, a person who is labeled as drug addict may continue his habit of drug addiction to satisfy the label given to him by the society. Social strain theory is another theory that addresses the social deviance it modifies the labeling theory by addressing the cause of this deviance because the labeling theory did not explain the reason of person’s violation of laws or takes a step to become a drug addict. This theory says that social strains occur when an individual fails to find out chances to achieve his determined goals. The overall discussion is based on these two theories and social perspectives (Levin Jerome David, Culkin Joseph, Perrotto Richard S, 2001).

Committing crime, use of drugs adversely and indulging in activities that have drastic effects are ethical dilemmas in the society. The people and groups that are affected by the usage of drugs are not acceptable in society because of social perspectives about the issue. Although government has taken actions to prevent its usage but these policies are not very effective because these policies focus on prevention of drug abuse in youth. Drugs usage cause the drastic effect on mind of the user and results in the jeopardy of that individual. Hence it is a critical social issue.

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