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July 29, 2013

Essay on Ethics and Environmental Issues

Ethics is about moral philosophy which describes, defines and recommends systems and laws about wrong and right behavior. By the use of metaethics we may come to know about the origin of perceptions and believes that we have established and what are its bases. Ethical issues arise by our contradictory actions with our beliefs. These beliefs may include truths about universe, presence of GOD, the reasoning of ethical judgment and the meaning of ethical terms in one’s life. More practically ethics is all about our standards to conduct what is right and what is wrong. Our way of expressing our intention to acquire good habits, to fulfill our duties that we are supposed to follow, and other responses on different events, all are included in the ethical concepts. Most common ethical dilemmas in our society are the abortion, infanticide, animal rights, environmental concerns, homosexuality, capital punishment or war [Pojman, Fieser, 2006].
     The social or ethical issues differ from society to society. These dilemmas depend on the community’s values and concepts but still it is a disputed issue. Sometimes it is difficult to decide what is right in the society like the discharge of some invisible material from an industry which may or may not affect any living thing on earth is ethical or not. To confront these ethical issues a nanotechnology exits so that it can assure the possibility of social benefits. These benefits may include reduction of nuclear energy use, medical treatment with responsibility and decrement in usage of hazardous technology. But the use of nanotechnology is not much appreciated as different questions arises in the society like risks that it causes in the environment, politics and society. Therefore the social and ethical issues are required to be examined and researched more deeply [internet encyclopedia of philosophy].
Social obligations:
The responsibilities that we have to fulfill for being a part of the society are the social obligation on us. We have to follow some rules and laws in order to spread positivity in the society. To follow moral values is not only important for the present prosperity but also for the generations that come forward. The expecting mothers are called upon to take good care of them in order to preserve the health of the upcoming generation. The health of the mother affects the health of the child and therefore the mother has to be saved from diseases so that the child cannot suffer from consequences. “Who cares” attitude of the parents during pregnancy is considered to be an ethical dilemma of the society. The other social responsibility of parents is to teach them by best possible means so that they can play a role of healthy part of the society. The health of the children should also be maintained. The parents should provide them food; the irregular eating habit of children may cause them to suffer from illness which according to social ethical values is a crime of parents against their offspring. It is against humanity and even against religious values, and they will be accountable for their act in front of God. Abortions is considered as crime and is unacceptable by the society. Even parents are considered responsible for the premature death of a child. The teachers and staff of the school are responsible to provide healthy environment to the children for education. They have to provide them facilities to acquire proper knowledge and education and produce useful individuals for the world. Students are obliged to get education through all lawful actions and obedience and bless the society with their knowledge. Those individuals who are providing their services in some organizations or industries are responsible for their health because only a healthy person can serve his nation positively. They are bound to give their best in services. The work of labors of any profession requires hard work and mental strength which he can only offer if he has a sound health. The employer is responsible to regulate the employees earning so that they can avail the chance of living a happy life by enjoying the beauties and bounties of life and can sustain the life of those who are dependent on him. The employers have a greater responsibility because they have to take care of himself along with all those employees who are associated with him and thus he serves the society. The leaders of the society and those who are running welfare trust are responsible for their actions because their actions can cause a great change in the society. They have to be very cautious while delivering their services. The life demands communication, everyone has some relationship with other, no one can live isolated. Each and every deed of a person has some positive or negative impact on the world. It is our social obligation to deliver our actions in a way that it does not have hazardous affect on any living being. [Free books/health and healing/ healing without medicine]
Appropriate actions:
In order to achieve a society where social care, support and values are important for a person, ethical values should be followed so that the people can create a healthy atmosphere of the society to live within. Mechanism to find out problems regarding relationship with surrounding people in their daily life has to be applied and the solutions should also be provided so that people can lead a happy life free of stress. There are a lot of people who need your support and help like people who have disability, poor people, old age or due to illness. This is our social responsibility to help them. Human beings are not the only living being on earth there exists many more creatures like animals and plants that are living and it is our responsibility to be careful in our actions because it is our social obligation to forbid activities that can harm them. Every human being has equal rights to get blessings of life and to be treated with dignity and respect. The status of our health and age and physical appearance are different. Even our creed, color and language are different but it is our social right to be treated equally. The differences that we have should be respected and cherished. Being a part of civil society like family, friends, colleagues or any organization, we are obliged to care about our surroundings. The communities that we live in can only be boomed if we play a positive role and the participation will be welcomed by the society. We always need extra help according intensity of situation. To help other when they need it is our moral duty. Communities are developed by active participation of individuals which connect them. This participation may vary the character of an individual from event to event. A person can be a child, a parent, a spouse, a labor etc. his responsibilities varies as his characters. In the community we all are tied to each other due to our duties towards each other. We have to perform our duties to establish a peaceful society without breaking laws and neglecting rights of others. In order to have an active and full participation we have to nurture and build our relationship with the characters surrounding us in the society. Being a part of the society we have to give respect to each other. We are not only responsible to give respect to each other but also to ourselves. We have to be self determined. We should know our paths and duties. We have to have an aim to give our life a meaning; we have to settle our directions. We have to earn money so that we would be able to get better livings and can support those who are dependent on us. Support is the bond which ties us together, to attain a peaceful society we have to be careful that this bond should not be broken. We have our birth right to raise questions if our rights are not given to us [Ethical values].
Optimal ethical:
It is the responsibility of the government to organize the society optimally so that the chance of survival in all horizons could be maximized. Freedom and individuality is now promoted all over the world. The people who are facing problems in the matters of their routine life have to be solved for a stable society. The scientists from all over the world are researching and working on projects or institutions that will be established to solve the problems of these natives. The freedom does not mean that the individual are free from responsibilities, they do have. There are several programs that different world organizations are running like rehabilitation programs for drugs addicts and institutions to solve students problem. Health workers are working to help parents in family planning and let them know the way to be healthy. There is an institute named as “the way to happiness foundation” on which a booklet was also written by Hubbard. This is an association which promotes the way for better living and education. In the book Hubbard has written twenty one moral rules to be happy. These moral rules can be obtained by following ethical values. The empowerment of these programs shows the struggle of inhabitants of the world to promote the prosperity and harmony of the society which can only be achieved by collective efforts [Lewis, 2009].
Decision making process existing in environmental issues:
Everyone has their own set of values and they resolve the same problem with their own approach because of the difference in principles. Therefore the factors that develop the environment system include societal values, perceptions and behaviors. Scientific and administrative methodologies develop the decision making system of environmental problems. It’s often noticed that the solutions of these environmental problems are influenced by the ethical values of the community. Facts and values should be separated to provide solutions. The engineers and scientists play a big role in the decision making of environmental issues. They should understand the social values and perceptions before taking any action. Social perceptions vary because people of different locality have their own point of views over a certain problem according to their situation and so they have set their own laws of rights and wrong. In the practice of environmental decision making, the difference of perceptions, values and worlds views cause an obstacle to be arisen in the form of conflicts and clashes. These conflict and clashes can be sought out by the giving respect to each other principles and world views. The ethics that we follow recommend us to sort out these conflicts using moral ideals. To from organization and institutes in a community or to sort out problems it is important for us to view the world with eye of inhabitants of the community in order to understand their perspective regarding the situation. This habit will enhance our communication level with our colleagues and the people surround us in the form of community, groups, and organizations and we can interact with them having a healthy attitude [Harding, 2005].
Our behavior in the society depends on our ethical values that we follow and our standards of right and wrongs. These ethical values vary according to locations. Problems in the society are mostly occurred when our actions contradict with our beliefs and social values. It is all about how we deal a situation according to our perceptions of right and wrongs. There are a number of ethical dilemmas in our society. The moral values depend on our culture and sometimes it is very difficult to decide what is right and wrong because of conflict in everyone’s perceptions.  Our responsibilities and duties towards people and environment in our surrounding are social obligations on us. Adaptation of moral values is important not only to sustain the present state of peace but also to provide a healthy environment for our upcoming generations. Every character of the society has its own set of responsibility to fulfill. Parents, children, leaders, teachers, and labors etc everyone is responsible for his actions and behavior not only with others but also with himself. To be a healthy part of the society we have to find out our aim of life and stay determined on it. Leaders, governments and people are taking action to promote institutions that provide solutions of social problems.  The difference of perception effects the decision making of environmental issues because of conflicts. This is the responsibility of government to promote a healthy and peaceful environment and the chance to avail the bounties and blessings of life should be given equally.

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