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July 9, 2013

Essay on Illegal Immigration in United States of America

Illegal immigration to the United States of America concerns with the act of foreign nationals violating United States immigration policies and national laws by coming in or staying in the United States without proper documentation and permission from the United States government (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, 2011).
They enter United States of America for an economic betterment in their life. Most of them flee because of poverty, economic subjugation and unemployment. Some of them are tourists having visas, highly skilled workers and students who, by choice, lose their status and become illegal. Similar to their unregistered similitude, these visa holders also seek a prosperous life and better opportunities. These immigrants have become more of a problem than an asset for the country as they threaten the national security and the economic stability of the country.
As estimated by the Center for Immigration Studies, the of population of the illegally migrated people of the United States of America in the year 2008 was around eleven million people, down from twelve and a half million people in the year 2007. Other estimates range from seven to twenty million. As per the report of a Pew Hispanic Center, in year 2005, 56% of illegal migrants were Mexicans; 22% were the habitants of other Latin American countries, mainly Central Americans; 13% were Asians; 6% were Europeans and Canadians; and 3% were Africans and people from the rest of the world (The Pew Hispanic Center, 2011).
According to some critics the participation of illegal immigrants in American experience is not good for the country as some of them have allegedly been related to organizations like Al-Qaeda and other fundamentalist organizations. The Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch reported that illegal foreigner Nuradin Abdi -- the suspected shopping mall bomb plotter from Somalia -- was registered to vote in the battleground state of Ohio by the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN), a left-wing activist group. Also on the Ohio voting rolls: convicted al Qaeda agent Iyman Faris, who planned to sabotage the Brooklyn Bridge had entered the country deceitfully from Pakistan on a student visa (Malkin).
This makes it important that United States officials should be more careful before giving permission and right to the illegal immigrants to live in America. Also it is important to note that 8 out of the 19 hijackers of September 11 were immigrants living in the State of Virginia or Florida. Thus, by controlling the illegal immigrants or even immigrants, it is possible that United States will be able to reduce the internal problems of the country.
Additionally as the immigrants and citizens are treated equally companies prefer to take cheaper labor that is provided by the immigrants which may help the entrepreneur on one hand but at the same time limits the possibilities of the citizens to get a job with the right wages. An influx of immigrants in a region with higher wages will lower the wages. However, some people still argue that immigration will not reduce real wages if the population is below its optimum size (and it is certain that the United States in whole, are far less population than its optimal size). If so, the production will increase so that real incomes rise. So that the restrictions to immigration will do more harm to workers protected as consumers as they will not gain as producers. In addition, increased immigration has given rise to a large measure of social parasite systems that, even though the U.S. population is below the optimum level, decreases the general standard of living instead of increasing it due to the increased production as immigration takes its toll on the health care system and education system of the country.  This makes it important that immigration should be restricted. As the problems of immigration includes the increase of the "leakage" of savings abroad (the export of capital that would have otherwise remained in the country), resulting in an equalization of wage rates (albeit more slowly), but leading to a waste of capital, thereby deteriorating living standards in the country.
With all the disadvantages there are some critics who think that immigrants bring with them some substantial economic advantages. They have brought industrial revolution in the United States. The pursuit of American Dream by people from all over the world brought the achievement of nation’s dream of industrial and economical progress. As United States saw a complete transformation of rural agrarian society changing into a progressive industrial economic centered metropolitan cities. And this transformation occurred in a period of few decades that is from late 19th century to early 20th century.
Nonetheless as Gérard-François Dumont, notes that "every country in the world control at their borders inflows and outflows of people born abroad.” It is a 'prerogative' function. Therefore some countries control immigration on their territory.

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