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July 28, 2013

Essay on Impact of Business Cards

Impact of business cards
A well established organization is the dream of every business man. Everyone wants that their business have a successful position in the marketing. For having good competition in the market the company is required to fulfill the expectations of the market. The market demands professionalism among the traders. Along with designing logos, establishing budgets for advertisements, business cards are also designed to compete the professionals of the market. Hence the impact of business cards is very powerful. A good business card will serve your business as an identifier of your professionalism.
    To have a greater impact following are some tips which will guide you to develop a card proficiently. The designing of the card should be take place clearly and cautiously. A proper white space should be left. The card should have sufficient material to describe you and your business. It is recommended to use a font size of at least 10pt; the reason is that it is important to keep the size visible enough. The card should be printed on the paper of 80-pound strength and 14-point thickness so that the paper quality remains maintained. It is not necessary to add irreverent material on the card like home address but the information about you and your company is necessary to be written on the card like your contact number and email address so that those who are interested in your business will have no trouble to make contact with you. If your card does not have this mandatory information than it will have no impact on your business, whatever you have put in it to make it appealing and attractive. The people who love your business will have interest in you and your business not in your card. The most important thing is that write a phone number that should be in reach and if your business is a home based than keep a separate phone line for your business. The back side of the card can be left blank or you can write briefly about your services. The writing on the backside is little controversial because people have different opinion about it. The typos on the card are not acceptable so be sure that you should not have left on it.

      The business cards are used to give it away at events where necessary. The main purpose of the business cards is to make a connection with the people who are willing to be with you. The cards should be designed according to the mood of business with acute sense of professionalism so that it will be able to inspire them. The card should contain a visual identifier of the company like logo. During meetings you handout your cards, in networking events it is mostly given after the conversation. It is not necessarily given at the events; people may also ask you for your business card anywhere if they want to contact you in future for business purpose. The business card should be designed sharply and it should be used sensibly at the right time to achieve greater impacts from it.


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