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July 27, 2013

Essay on Leadership

A person that has the power of authority is the leader. The first question that arises in the mind is that what are the qualities that everyone wants to find out in his leader. The foremost quality of a good leader is that he knows the way to improve the lifecycle of the organization by improving the professional and social behavior of people. Those who have the ability to sort out a person’s ability and encourage him to work well in that field to increase the productivity of the organization are considered to be good leaders. Some people believe that leadership is the quality of a person to bring together people of different background and let them to work supportively with each other. This is the responsibility of a good leader to identify problem faced by his followers and provide solutions to solve their problems.
      There are some people who are blessed by birth with the qualities of a good leader. There is a saying in English for these individuals like “he is born to be leader”. With reference to this saying it is assumed that leadership is the quality of a person given by God rather than a process. Whereas those who consider it a process say that it is a phenomenon of acquiring ability to interact with people. Hence one can learn to be a good leader.
     A good has to have some commitments so that the people can trust him and follow him. These commitments are to elaborate his view point in front of his followers so that they know about your ideas and follow him blindly. These commitments should be followed by his actions. He has to first set the example so that the rest of people will follow him. He is the leader he should have some aim with clear perspective and confidence on himself that he can achieve it with the support of his followers. Request others to share their own ideas and vision about the aim to develop a sense of sharing. He has to make research for possible opportunities and innovations. The leader is the person who always has to take first step and embrace risks. He motivates his followers to learn from experiences. Promote loyal and healthy relationship amongst his people. He strengthens his followers by appreciations and by developing an atmosphere of competition. Always follow equity behavior and appreciate hard work by rewarding people fairly. The community spirit has to enhance by celebrations of triumph.
     A leadership is phenomenon to motivate people for the achievement of their objective, to appreciate people for taking risks and challenges for success, and to encourage people for collaborating in a healthy and loyal relationship. it is observe that mostly people want their leader to be honest. This means that people always want to assure themselves first for the leader’s loyalty before following him. The people want there to be aspiring, enthusiastic and encouraging. A leader is the person who just not only has a dream but also has the power and determination to accomplish that dream.
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