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July 31, 2013

Essay on Life Learning

We interpret the information we get by our senses, and ultimately we learn by doing. Firstly we watch and listen to the other people.  Then we try to do things differently by learning from them. This boosts our interest and creates the motivation to discover things we never knew.
If one starts to think about how we learned to bicycle, dance, eat or sing, we can see that it was done by carrying out an action and facing the consequences of it and choosing whether this was right or wrong. What helped us to excel in this newly acquired skill was the active participation in the occasion and our reflection and what we gained. Experience as well as reflection teaches a person more than any lecture or book ever could.
Kurt Lewin stated that little considerable learning takes place without involving something of all of the three aspects. Learning includes feeling things about the concepts and doing something. These two elements are related to each other.
In the book experiential learning, David Kolb states that learning is a four step process. He indentifies the steps as watching, thinking, feeling, and doing. His theories are based on the works by Dewey who stated that learning must be grounded in experience, by Lewin who stated that the significance of people being active when learning and by Jean Paiget who stated that intelligence is the result of a person’s interaction with  his/her environment.  

Kolb stated that learners have learners have immediate concrete experiences that enable us to reflect on the newly gained experience from different point of view. This is exactly what had happened with me, it was an immediate experience that I will never forget for the rest of my life.  I reflected on this experience of mine in not just one way but in many ways, such as how this person is surviving, how old he is, does he have a family, how can I help, there were many things going on in my head at one time.
To be effective learners we should identify information, reflect on how it will impact some aspects in the life and compare how it fits with our own life experiences and think about how this information offers us new ways to act. The information I gained from this experience was the awareness of homelessness in my country, it impacted my life in many ways, I think differently about life and the things I have in life and I also give more value to whatever I have, it does not fit into any of the experiences I had, this turned out to be an eye opening experience, this is that I feel that there must be something we should do about it to prevent or stop homelessness in our country.
There is no better teacher than life, just when we feel that we are well aware of everything that is happening in our world and that we can solve any problem, we find another truth which makes us think and rethink about life. I have felt many times that I am not able to judge certain situations and people, sometimes it did work and sometimes I was proven wrong.  There have been many events that may look like they are insignificant or small, but they do create an impact and we are forced to change our information and perspective of various types of people, enabling us to do some self analysis.
Life learning experience is important for everyone. Instead of learning life through the failures and tries of our own, it is wiser and easier to learn it through others. Although this type of an experience is not as reliable as the one that a person experiences him/her self, it is very useful when you might not be able to learn through your own limited opportunities.
Every person’s life is filled with many failures and successes; by this we can learn the mistakes to prevent them from happening and the successes to regenerate them. Sometimes one has to embrace their life and overcome it in order to attain that particular life experience that one will remember all their life. All in all, learning life experience by others is a significant rule in life.
In the mission of learning something new, the success and flaws of others is the perfect case to study on. We learn a lot by the trials and journeys of the other people and our mind can motivate the words and actions from these situations. Looking into the past we can help find solution to many problems that we may face in the future.

Life learning experience:
Every one once in their life time has such an experience which they can never forget. I also had an experience from which I learned a lot and from which I was provoked to learn more and more on the knowledge I had gained from this particular experience. It was not long back when I went shopping in town and found a person that was wearing torn black clothes without any jacket in -16 temperatures. It was the month of Christmas and New Year’s Eve. For a second, I just stood there and looked at that person with complete amazement, that person was not just lying on the floor and begging for money; he had a guitar in his hand and was playing it beautifully in the blistering cold weather. At that moment I could not hear anything else but the sound of the music that was coming from his guitar. I could not believe my eyes and the harsh reality of life, it was my first-hand experience of seeing a homeless person. I just wish at that time that I could do something to make him get out of this miserable life. after a long time I took the courage to go to him and I wanted to look in his eyes and tell him that he is the most wonderful person I have ever seen, however when I did look, his eyes didn’t seem to meet mine it is then that I knew he was blind. This came as  a shock to me, as I felt my whole world turning in these few minutes.  I realized that I had lived for so many years and never for once thanked God and my parents for what they had given me, or simply feel how lucky I am to have anything and everything I want. Whereas, this person cannot even see the beautiful world let alone having to live a luxurious life. I got up quickly and went inside the mall and got that man a jacket, he thanked me and blessed me, I had never done something like that for anyone but when I did I felt so good. My knowledge on the value the life I live was gained by seeing how this man regardless of his problems and disability still smile and live life. Whereas I would complain on little things such as having to clean my room or having fights with friends, this experience made me believe that my problems are nothing compared to the much bigger problems of the people around the world. I had not learned just one thing from this experience but many things such as not be selfish, value life, value people, understanding of the other more serious problems in the world except my own.  When I left from that place I did not just bury my knowledge on this issue of homelessness there but instead I also thought of some solutions to it as well, such as a collective measure and action can be formulated by which a number of friends contribute money for such everyday social work or secondly we can simply escort and guide them to the correct destination of a welfare trust or organization that handles all these operations on daily basis.  As to what I have learnt about the entire phenomenon of homelessness I have come to know that even solving this entire menace is not a simple job, but with proper implementation on appropriate policies and measures that are formulated for the benefit of such people on governmental and non-governmental level such problems can be resolved in a much simpler way.

If we live for experiences in our life that we are responsible for making sure our experience is complete in every single way. Not knowing the latest information and issues of the world could mean that we may have a lower quality of life. Life learning experience encourages us to make the best of any and all kinds of situations, to raise our mind, thinking and actions in a creative way. Our main objective in life is to keep the experience and make a positive contribution to the experience that others get. I wish to do so as well, much of it will come from the healthy attitude and clear perceptions for It is by perceptions that an attitude is made.


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