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July 26, 2013

Essay on Nutrition

The concept of ergogenic aid is not new it has been adopted from long years ago. It is basically an aid that is used to enhance performance. For this purpose any kind of procedure, process or substance can be used which is capable of improving strength of the person in every aspect [Matt Garrett (2008).successful coach. Jones and barlett]
    It is observed that several drugs are being used for eogogenic aid. One of the most common is Yohimbine. The extract collected from yohimbe tree is called Yohimbine which is used in tablets, capsules and liquid medicines. It is recommended to use Yohimbine in a little quantity. There are different side effects of using Yohimbine which includes high blood pressure, nausea, faintness, ingestion, nervous tremors and headache. Nevertheless it is not banned by IOC and USOC and it is an alpha(2)-antagonist available in both prescription and herbal supplement products [Richard B Kreider, Brian C leutholtz, Frank I Katch, Victor katch (2009).Exercise and sport nutrition.].
     The use of Yohimbine is common amongst body builders to increase mass or weight loss, also used for erectile disorder. This drug causes an increment in testosterone levels. California position control system found its adverse effect. It is observed that this drug cause heart attacks due to increment in blood pressure. Yohimbine should be used in a balance form because it has worst effects on mental status. It is also found by the research that it has no consistency in effecting on erectile dysfunction[Richard B Kreider, Brian C leutholtz, Frank I Katch, Victor katch (2009).Exercise and sport nutrition., Mark kern (2005).Sports nutritions. Taylor and frances].
   The use of drugs in nutrition and medicine is very controversial especially the use of Yohimbine. Reviews and researches are still under consideration about the use of Yohimbine.

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