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July 24, 2013

Essay on Performance Appraisal Techniques

Effective techniques for conducting performance appraisal
In a good business strategy the one should know the direction of path in which their employees going just like ship’s navigational system is required by its captain to know where they have come from and where they have to go. To know the path of employee human resource management system was established in which performance feedback plays the major role. Effective performance measure is helpful in finding flaws or effectiveness in work of an employee and to know if the improvements are required. It is an effective way to find out the contributions of an individual to the organization. It assists the employee in accomplishing his job in a proper manner. A former American management association’s president said that it is better to maintain some standards of performance and outline your expectations to them it works a lot in establishing a good reputation of the job even though you are not appraising their work. There is another reason for establishing performance standards; an organization can used it as scale for fair performance measure of the employee otherwise it can be biased by company’s relationship with the employee [improving employee performance through appraisal and coaching]. Apart from it rules stated in performance standards are not hard and fast to follow exactly, it can be broken for more efficient performance beyond their standards but depends on company’s policies. The maximum number of standards would be more helpful for the employee to find out his goal being a part of the company, which also help him to find out his weaknesses and the areas of improvements.
The most important element for a successful business strategy is the system of performance appraisal. There are certain points that an organization follows throughout the process. To achieve organizations goals they outline the job and work system and appoint employees that perfectly fit the requirement of the job description. Arrange trainings for their assistance and motivate them by appreciating their performance. It is controlled process that not only helps the employee in improvements through feedback but also assist the organization to find whether they are progressing or not. It helps the organization in improving the overall functionality, by motivations and negotiations they can solve problems that an employee is facing at the job [organizational success through effective human resource management]. In the competitive environment of business the success can only be achieved by promoting the performance measure techniques in the human resource system therefore it is needed to understand the worth of performance appraisal for future progress. The feedback from performance appraisal is important for the employee’s career growth. It plays an integral role in the success of both the employee, and the organization. It contributes a lot in providing an organization a positive culture. The satisfaction of the employee towards performance measure techniques is also very important for the organization. In the past it was observed that the human resource management considered separate divisions for measuring performance but nowadays organizations are using systems that enclosed all the divisions that are used in past in one system. Its importance can be understood by the statement that ultimately, the success of an organization depends on the quality of performance of its employee. As it is discussed earlier the organization cannot continue its performance without knowing the quality of individual efforts. This is the information which is needed for the maintenance of operations of the organization so that they can produce a quality product for their consumer. However it compels the organization for a fair judgment of performance. It is mainly achieved by the communications between the employee and the management.
Performance management:
The feedback from the management or reward from the boss is of most importance for the employee. The confidence on the management can lead the employee to the most satisfactory performance which means that it is a mutual process. Performance management is the technique of grading employees by performance measurement according to the standards of organization. There is a performance management system which measures the performance the employee through different processes which starts from appraisal to feedback, and motivations. It is harder to find out a technique that is better than performance management system to measure the quality of job done by their employee. The parts of performance management system include;
Briefing performance:
The first step is to define the strategies of the organization for the accomplishment of the goal and the standards of performance techniques that have to be followed. The goals of the individuals that have to be achieved during the job should be stated.
Authorizing Employee:
It is good to empower the employee to deal with the performance issues. They should be given the authority to arrange meetings with the customer directly if required in the favor of organization.
Appraising performance:
It is not important to make performance measure very closely but the bottom line of the overall performance should be given as feedback to the employee for the improvement of his career.
Feedback and coaching:
Feedback plays an integral part in the improvement of performance. By getting the feedback about their performed job and by getting reward they can be encouraged to carry on their good performance. The guidance should be given if improvements are needed.
     The overall purpose of the performance management system is to help the employee to acquire a better position in his career. But it has far more importance in the core processes of organization for the achievement of their goals. The measurement of performance of the employee and the feedback given to him, are all parts of the organization’s strategy. The performance measurement should be taken fairly and carefully so that the employee’s dignity should not hurt. The result is then driven from the performance measure of the employee according to the standards of the organization. Most of the managements use different type of scales for performance measure. The approach that is famous as the best one amongst several organization has the following categories;
Does not meet standard.
Meets standards.
Exceeds standards.
Alternate words can be used by different organization. This scale can also be consists of more than four points. Some organizations used to describe their gradation by certain statements as does not meet the standards, little effort needs improvement, consistent performance and according to standards, consistent and above standards, better than standards or beyond standards efforts. It is advised to avoid the use of word “average” since it indicates the comparison between employees of the company rather than comparison with the standards. The level of performance is important to identify because it ignites the feeling of progress toward the next level.
Purpose of employee’s performance measure:
The performance appraisal is very important for the employee as the job promotions and salary increment is connected with the performance measure. Sometimes the lack of management support and flexibility can lead the performance measurement program to the failure. To get the better results the performance standards should be stated more clearly. Appraisal reviews can be taken not only to reward the employee’s satisfactory performance but also to guide him in the deficiencies and to plan the future strategies. Document the performance measure properly so that it can perform an effective role in future planning and motivations should be made for the constructive growth of the employee’s career. Feedback always has a positive effect on the employee’s performance. The future actions of an organization depend on the documented performance appraisal of an employee so it plays a vital role in the organizations long term strategies. It should be taken on the basis of valid proofs so that the management becomes aware of the performance of their workers and helps them to point out the employee’s credibility and his deficiency in certain areas of work. It also provides the appropriate information for the management, planning and training if required. The main objective of the performance appraisal is to get the quality of work from the employee and provide the quality of product to the customer. For the better results it is important that all the workers of the company are contented with the appraisal system.

     Performance measure activity should be taken twice or at least once a year. There are several ratings used for the appraisal process. First one is group rating in which a team or group of people share their ideas about an individual, his strengths and weaknesses is also discussed in the meeting to evaluate the performance of an individual. 


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