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July 25, 2013

Essay on Productive Teleconferencing

            A nurse can be exposed to any kind of problem or difficulty during their practicing years. Especially for nurses that work in a psychiatry, such nurses usually have to deal with difficult patients that can harm themselves or the others if not treated or understood well. One of the many problems that a nurse can have is that such patients might come to the emergency department, and asks for immediate help; however there may be a time when there is no physiatrists available or the other might be far away. In this situation the nurse must think quickly and efficiently to keep the patient calm and initiate a productive teleconferencing with the patient[Julia A kneedler, Gwen H dodge (1994). “Perioperative patientcare”].
Patient care conference:
             A teleconferencing is carried out to focus on the particular patient in order to provide them with the best nursing care possible. In a situation, where a nurse has to initiate a productive teleconferencing, primarily focus on what can be done for the patient in order to solve their problem. There are some objectives that the nurse must follow, these include providing emotional support and comfort during the whole procedure, gain knowledge about how to plan the best possible solution for the patient and plan instrument or other supplies that you might need in case of any repulsive response from the patient [Julia A kneedler, Gwen H dodge (1994). “Perioperative patientcare”].

           The nurse must plan quickly, how long the teleconferencing would last; short conferences that last only about 10 to 15 minutes are most preferable. The conference is more productive if they nurse gathers all the data about the patient and also views the patient record [Julia A kneedler, Gwen H dodge (1994). “Perioperative patientcare”].
Planning a productive teleconferencing
              Teleconferencing is required when the people who want to connect are at a distance location from each other. It is an effective way of interaction but a lot of skills are required to plan a good productive teleconferencing with the patient. A Sound theoretical base can be used, as this information must be incorporated with motor skills in planning the conference. Judgment is also a skill needed by the nurse to provide the right type of response and help the patient requires. When the patient is at distance from the nurse and medical treatment can only be given through instructions via teleconferencing then the key part is of teleconferencing. In order to enhance the productivity from teleconferencing it is the job of the nurse to make it easy for the patient to get proper guide from her. So that in absence of her they would be able to help themselves by her valuable assistance [Perle slavik cowen, sue moorhead (2006).” Current issues in nursing”.].
     For having a telephone conference, an efficient conference calling services must be used mostly provided by the organization in which she is working. It is an integral necessity without which it is not possible to provide help to the handicaps or the people who are in need and are not able to manage a medical help in the case of emergency. Nowadays software for teleconferencing are very popular among people, there are several products that are providing free conferencing unless and until both the ends have same equipment. For the growth of providing health treatments through this technology it is essential to promote the use of teleconferencing software launched by medical authorities or any other company. In a situation where one or both the parties do not have such kind of software telephone sets which support three way calls can be used because it helps to join three persons at a time to join the session this could be productive in delivering proper instant treatment. For the productively use of this technology to provide health care to patient who is handicap the nurse has to have some agenda because it must be a regular schedule call because by making a plan in advance it is of less possibility that you will forget the important points that are needed to be discussed. In a hospital or in medical center the authority should provide technology for conferencing and they should be prepared in advance to provide conference treatment to an emergency case for which they must have a basic agenda for the fruitful results. Some questionnaire should be made in advance consisting of the questions that are essential to ask in order to know the condition of the patient.  On the basis of feedback and quantitative data that is obtained the analysis should be made to develop the diagnosis. Hardware malfunction may cause the loss of important data that is necessary to provide treatment. Make sure that the hardware you are using must be of good quality or the. For future assistance to the same patient it is good idea to record the call. The person who is going attend the call must be available with present mindedness so that the call from a patient in help will not be missed. If the call is a regular call from a handicap patient makes it your habit to attend the call on time otherwise the patient will assume that he is of less importance to the nurse which will result in unethical impact of nurse on the patient. It is import point before diagnosis that you should not have made assumptions what the patient has said be clear about his state listen to him carefully because it will make a huge difference the life of the patient is worthy. Do not interrupt while the patient is discussing important statistics about his conditions. The nurse must understand that when will she cancel the call to avoid mistakes. The introduction of the person at the call is a must in any teleconferencing. The sounds from background at both ends will distract the important facts so put off the sounds at the back ground if possible otherwise it would difficult for both the parties to convey a message. Use notepads to note down important points. End up your call pleasantly so that it gives a last effect as you care about them and want to help them again in future if they need. The overall discussion should be polite so that the patient do not get the response as if you are bothering in helping them [Mo Adam Mahmood. “Advanced topics in end user computing”] [].
There are several situations in which a patient could not reach the hospital to get instant medication; there must a proper system in the hospitals that can accommodate these patients in need of help without interruption or distraction. Several teleconferencing products are available in the market they should promote the use of these software in order to facilitate more patients. The nurses should be given proper training for this purpose. They should give its most importance that the way they speak will give impressions to the patient which could be bad. The health of the patient is very important and it should be treated well. The data about the condition of the patient should be taken carefully and responsibly. Make an agenda that is based on basic questions that is necessary to ask about the patient’s health. If the patient is handicap and a regular call sessions are made then the agenda must be prepared in advance. With the growth of new technology the medical industry is also working in implementing new systems so that they can get fruitful results from the advancement in the field to better serve the mankind. 
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