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July 26, 2013

Essay on Recreation and Leisure

Recreation and leisure
Recreational living is the most pleasurable and self-satisfying thing in the world beside getting salaries and doing things to keep alive. These are the words of recreation Philosopher Charles K. Brightbill, who was a professor at the University of Illinois. But these days the word recreation has been omitted from our life styles since the most praiseworthy thing is to be employed at a good designation with handsome amount of salary. In this era people has packed their day with a lot of amount of work without any activity to involve with for fun and leisure. From recent centuries it has been observed that most Americans and Canadians have totally boycott the leisure activities to be engaged with and according to the author of “serious leisure” brightbill is right by saying that hobbies should be adopted for the recreation of person’s own self and for the refreshment of mind after a hectic day. Apart from this the brightbill has promoted a different kind of leisure which according to the author is a serious leisure.
     The author differentiating the serious and casual leisure by saying that casual leisure is an activity to engage with no or little efforts, it can be fruitful but mostly it is a way to pass time with fun and enjoyment. Even they don’t required a long time.  The people’s assumption about leisure is that some activity for fun, calling up friends to hang on, wandering around interesting places without any particular aim and going for window shopping. In short people imagine that leisure has to be casual. In the light of these assumptions leisure is some activity which is adopted only for fun rather than any recreation in life style. These are the activities that required no trainings. He further says that these activities in excess may cause digestive disorders, boredom and lethargic. Even the life of a person starts’ going on an endless track without serious endeavor and learning’s and people can even found a huge variety of such casual activities.
      Casual leisure activities can be used productively. The change on schedule of the day in the life of most people has changed the sense of leisure as it was adopted in past since they had more time the peoples of this new age which Jeremy Rifkin calls the “information age”. The question that has arisen by the author is; why the leisure activities caused lethargy? He supports his answer by saying that people has neglected the serious leisure which according to him is the activity that captivated its participant with some exciting yet revealing and learning objectives. It provides a new horizon of knowledge and experience. Amateurs that are pursuing their careers can get help from these sorts of leisure activities but with a little reward. The difference between the serious leisure activity and is only the professionalism. The author has classified it into subtypes which are collectors, activity participant, people who involved in sports or games, peoples who are involved in artistic activities and makers or readers. The people who are involved in serious leisure are fond of contributing their own knowledge, experiences and expertise into it which differs them from casual volunteers because they are not engaged with some duties or strives for progress. I agree with what the author has assumed because in my opinion it is the only reason of lethargy caused by leisure in which the element of learning or the element of progression is missing. Fun and entertainment is a part of life and is also necessary for refreshment but hobby that gives refreshment along with experience and education is like double bounty. The reward that a serious leisure gives its participant is the reward of recreation. One interesting part of serious leisure is that it keeps you involved throughout the activity by demanding little mental and physical efforts and it was the reason of forgetting worries and woes that author found in his most interviews with serious leisure volunteers.
     He says that apart from the learning element of serious leisure, it also provides fun and entertainment along with social reward. Some people who are involved in serious leisure may involve in some social work groups where they found friends, meet people of different background this helps them in boosting their communication skills. When this group accomplished some goal then here comes the next reward which amplified the confidence of the participant. The author perfectly supports his assumptions by the group of people who are involved in rock bands, some sports team, or in some art festival. The reward of being a valuable member of such groups is also a bounty from serious leisure.
      The author feels that it is important to describe the serious leisure in the context of information age. He says that serious leisure is also leisure not a work despite of its nature of learning and practice. The expectations and pleasant memories a person found in serious leisure cannot be found in casual leisure. But hobbies that we opt depend on the age, locations and our economical status. The author said that during his research he found that there is a large variety of casual leisure than that of serious leisure. He further said that it, might be little drawback to some people that in a serious leisure the person is also bounded with a certain period of time. But it provides good substitute of work in the information age. According to him the idea of bounding schedule with work and leisure both is not a matter of past and present but will remain In future. He says that to be parts of the locality of community or to be fruitful members of the society one should engage with the serious leisure along with work which cannot be obtain from private or purely family activities. Today when the world is called a global village, communication between people is very important. But there are some hobbies that are casual in which people communicate with each other since they are shared. For the unemployed and retired men and women serious leisure is the central life interest but in this information age it is not the case for those who have heavily burdened life or they can adopt in case of 25 hour a week job including serious leisure.
      I believe that the fun is also an integral part in life especially in the life of those people that have busy or over burdened schedules and even after work they have several obligations to come up with. These people have little time left in their life which could be spent while watching t.v or in having fun with friends and family. Serious leisure is good for the people with an easy life style without much to do or people with no job since it help them to pursuit themselves and for the recreation of their life and personality. It will give them rewards which they cannot acquire in their professional lives. As far as recreation or grooming is concerned it is helpful in the life every one with little or much work to do because we not only work to keep our self alive but also to live in a healthy lifestyle. For which a good example of Robert Dubin is provided by the author that he called it a “central life interest”. The evidence offered by the author is valid and justifies his points. In the context of information age, I totally agreed with the author’s assumptions because in today’s world everyone has to be involved in some activities which will gain prosperity and development in his country or community to compete the world which is only possible by serious leisure apart from the fact of shortage of time because healthy living with an healthy environment is the basic goal that we all want to achieve in our life. The author has selected the words, level of formality, tone and arrangement in a way that affects his arguments.

Robert A Stebbins; Society; New Brunswick; May/June 2001; Serious leisure.

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