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July 29, 2013

Essay on Time Management

When a person is not able to maintain consistency in his actual behavior as compare to his desired behavior then a problem arises. People commit three main mistakes in problem solving which lead in failure. The first error is that they do not identify the main reason of the problem correctly and use irrelevant facts to solve it. In order to get over the problem, they should search the all possible information they can collect to get the reason of the problem. The second mistake is that they do not follow step by step procedure. In following random paths, people mostly skip vital information and concludes wrong decisions. Third main reason is that they do not search patterns that cause the problem. The problem I identified is the problem of time management. The life is very fast now and we have to pace with it. It is very difficult for a student because they do not get sufficient time after studies to manage their personal life. This is a problem that every student must be facing and so as me. My friends and family complains about my time management. This problem is affecting my relationship with them [Bedell, Lennox, 1997].
     The model that I have selected is the DUPE model which stands for determine, understand, plan and evaluate. This model has four basic steps that are integral to solve any problem. The first step is to determine the problem areas as.  A person has to recognize the problem which causes inconsistency in the actual actions. Next is the step of understanding the criticality of the situation. The nature of the problem has to be identified by oneself in this step. The problem can only be solved by understanding its seriousness which is the next step of the DUPE model. There is a need to develop a plan in the third step that will be used to get to the bottom of the issue Select some appropriate strategy for the plan. The solution of the time management problem is the rescheduling of time according to the importance of problem areas along with keeping a balance in it. The forth step of evaluation comprises of two steps. The first one is the step to determine the suitability of the plan and the next is to find out the potency of the plan. This evaluation is based on both perception and facts or sometimes one of them. My evaluation is based on both facts and feedback that I receive from my outcome of work in studies and from the comments that I get from my family and friends. This is an effective method to solve a problem [Thies, Travers, 2001].


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