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July 26, 2013

Essay on World View

World View
The changes in biosphere which threats human beings and even our survival may refer to the environment problems.  Some researchers argued that the human behavior should be reconsidered about its behavior with other species and environment. This suggests that environmental problems are the result of human negligence towards other species on this earth. The moral concern with other species raises these practical problems. In the history environmental is mostly caused by the natural changes but nowadays due to the advancement in technology human caused problems are also added in the threats of environmental changes.
     The assumptions that we made about world on the basis of our experiences is call worldviews. The researches that have been made have let us known that there are several kinds of worldviews two of them are individual centered worldview or earth centered worldview. Individual centered worldview is the system in which the role that an individual is playing, his characteristics and environmental interactions are very important in the context of environmental changes. Whereas the earth centered world view is that view in which the nature is considered to be responsible for the changes in the environment.
      People from all over the world that exist and those in the past have several distinct visions about the changes. The world view that I have believe in is the individual centered world view. The people live in the environment are responsible for its betterment. There are some actions of the individuals that harshly affect the environment and the advanced technology has made it ever worst. The population growth and cultural evolution has a mismatch with the advanced technology. The hunt for food that evolves interaction between species also caused biological threats to the environment. The main reason is that the duties to animals and responsive life, duties to protect species and biodiversity, biocentrism and deep ecology comes under the responsibilities of human being [James K lein(2003).Integrated environmental planning. Blackwell publishing].
     However there are some other assumptions also exists which describes the reasons of such changes like planetary management, stewardship, environmental wisdom. Planetary management is the system that beliefs that human beings are the most important species in the universe and the resources that is present in the earth are all for us and for our betterment. This world view beliefs that all the economical growth is good for us and more economical growth can be made, for which there is no limit. The success of mankind depends on how well we can utilize these resources for our betterment. Whereas environmental wisdom world view says that there is a nature that exists for all the species of the world and all the things that exist is not for us. The economical and technological growth should be with correspondence to nature. It should not be design for the degradation of the earth system. Our success depends on the way we interact with nature []. Stewardship world view is the system which supports the careful and responsible management of earth.
     The changes in the nature that threaten the mankind and other species are caused by human being itself and thus the world view that I believe fits the environmental wisdom. The resources that are available in the world are not only for us and hence we should utilize then constructively without threatening the existence of the earth system. For being a responsible human being we should cooperate with one another instead of trying to dominate in the development of environment, and work to encourage the sustainability of earth’ life support system.
Environment worldview:
The environmental world view is the system in which the people made their perception about change in nature. The main three perceptions are; how they see the earth’s life system work; what they feel about their position in this system; and what according to them is better way to serve human being, other species and nature.
Care about environment:
The actions we make affect the environment around us either in a good way or bad way. The actions that are threatening to the life other species in the universe will cause worst environmental change. For the sustainability of the environment and universe, our actions should be responsible. Economical growth is good but it has some limits. The naturals assets found on the universe are not meant to be all for us.
Important creatures:
According to planetary management worldview we are the only important creatures in the universe, for which all the natural assets are stored and economical growth can be made unlimited. But actually this is not the fact we are not the only creatures on the universe that is important. Hence our actions should be made very carefully which should not harm other species on the universe. We cannot make actions that effect the world’s life cycle.
Yes we have obligations on our activities that harm other creatures. For the protection of existence of earth, this is our duty that we should not behave in a way that threats the existence of other species. The earth’s life cycle depend on each of the species that exist in the nature. Nothing is made useless. There is no particular group of creature that is important; in fact each of the creatures is made for the assistance of other.
Core beliefs:
The environmental world view that I choose is the environmental wisdom. Its core beliefs are that nature exists for all it creatures. The nature is not all for us. Economical growth that is beneficial should be made and we are not allowed to made economical growths that are harmful. Economical and political systems goal should be the sustainability of earth’s life system. The criteria of success depend on our cooperation with the nature not on going against it.
Our Role:
Our role in the betterment of environment is to behave well which bring fruitful changes in the environment. For being a creature with intelligence we are more responsible not only for the existence of our specie, but for the sustainability of other species as well. The natural resources will be not prolonging in the universe. Therefore it is our duty to do not waste them. The technology has brought many favorable changes for mankind but also some drawbacks. We are responsible to utilize the technology in a way that will not produce destructive after effects.
The environmental worldview that I choose has no differences with my opinion. I believe the same as the human being is not the only creatures. They are responsible for their each and every act. There duty is to keep in mind that it should not have hazardous affects on the other species of the universe. They should work positively for the betterment of world’s environment.
Background of my beliefs:
The teachings from my family, my academic education and religion all lead me to develop this view about the world. The environmental changes that I observe throughout my life conclude that the human being is responsible for bringing the hazardous affects in the environment. This is the human being himself that can bring positive change in the world. The resources of the world can be used productively without wastage. Neither my education nor my religion supports the destructive behavior of men for the environment.
Teachings from resources:
I learned the responsibilities of a mankind from these resources. The earth’s survival is only possible by the men supportive behavior to protect natural assets. The existence of other species is also possible only when human beings stop its activities harm them. The growth in technology should be made with the aim in mind to save the world. The global warming can be stopped if mankind behaves carefully.
My contributions:
I believe that I am a responsible human being. I not only talk the talk but walk the walk also. I am brought up with learning to be a good mankind. My education teaches me how to be a responsible citizen. In this regard I do my bit by switching off plugs that are not in use. I help animals that are in danger. I plant trees as much as I can.
We all have to make commitment to be responsible in our actions. I am doing my best for the betterment of world but it is also my responsibility to convince others to behave in the same manners. This work has started and will carry on throughout my life. I have made it my habit to work with a sense of responsibility towards earth environment.
When I start working for in this regard I feel that most of the people around me appreciated me. There were some obstacles as well which made it difficult for me to accomplish my goal. The main reason is that not everyone has same point of view as we have. They might be a follower of different world view system. There are also some people who are not very use to of doing things that are in favor of world. So it was not easier as I thought. But it will not affect my decision I will continue to work so that the future of the world will be bright.
Ethical obligation:
It is an ethical obligation on us to preserve the natural world in its good condition for the future generation. The condition of the world that we inherited can be saved only if we take care of it. It is only possible if we understand that the all the resources that we are provided are not only for us but for all the species of the universe. Our actions should not affect these assets negatively.
Each and every individual is responsible in this regard. The earth’s life system cannot be sustained by individual. It is a collective effort. All of us have to do our bit. To secure the future and the present we have to cooperate with each other and with the nature.
Environmental justice:
To have environmental justice is an equal right of every individual. In achieving economical stability or political the main goal has to be environmental justice. Besides achieving modern lifestyles, it is also very important to achieve a healthy environment to live in. this goal can only be achieved if everyone work in this regard collectively.

James K lein(2003).Integrated environmental planning. Blackwell publishing


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