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July 9, 2013

Sample Essay Paper on Google Business Model

Google is a Mountain View, California-based famous for its Internet search engine. AdWords are its main source of revenue. AdWords are basically pay-per-click advertisements that charge companies a certain amount every time an interested user clicks on the ads. AdWords ads which appear on the search queries are relevant to the search result pages. This contextual advertising model makes the AdWords platform very successful. Google has been successfully charging the advertisers a certain amount every time an ad is clicked. As ads are shown on Google search result pages as well as web pages participating in Google AdSense for this reason Google's advertising network is massive. The increase in the number of ads viewed increases the number of clicks on the ads and hence increase Google’s revenue generation. As Google receives a high amount of search demands so the possibility of ad clicks is increased. Google's AdSense program makes sure that ads shown are relevant to the pages being visited by the users. This has strengthened Google’s competitive position in the market.
Google works by following certain values which adds to its reliability and its dynamic working environment as this ensures a healthy working atmosphere. One of google’s cherished values, “don’t be evil", emphasizes the corporate’s idea of working for the best interest of the public unlike many of its competitors who often maximize short-term profits with actions against the interests of the public. This motto establishes a baseline for honest decision-making that disassociates Google from any kind of cheating. This has enabled Google to champion the idea that money can be made by doing good instead of evil. And this has proved to be an essential code Google follows as it lends credibility to its name. In addition to that advertising on Google is always clearly identified as a “Sponsored Link,” so that no preference is given to any link on the basis of advertising partner.
As Google is essentially a technology based business so its need of being up to date with the latest technology trends is vital. Its motto to build the world’s best technology and products is something it must strive for as this is the only way it can keep the public’s interest.
To accomplish the vast goals of the business, Google believes in following its own set of rules that gives it the freedom to introduce innovations and push the limits in this competitive era of technology. This motivates them in bringing in new technology products to keep the interest of the users.
    Monitoring the compliance of the corporate’s values is one of the most important aspect in the enforcement of a program in a successful business. Corporates have been monitoring value compliance to enhance their reliability. Following are some way the managers at Google can monitor compliance.
·         By making sure that the employees are being properly appreciated and they do not face any pressure or systemic error that may force them to commit misconduct.
·         By establishing a committee of independent non-executive directors on its Board of Directors who will be responsible for ensuring that systems are in place in the corporation to assure employee compliance with the Code of Ethics.
·         By using the method of Managing by Walking Around (MBWA) is a way for supervisors and managers to best communicate the ethical expectations and requirements in the informal meetings with employees. This helps in reinforcing the corporate’s values as silence on the subject is taken to be indifference towards the subject.
Google can ensure whether its corporate value “Technology innovation is our lifeblood” is being followed or not by making a separate committee of technology gurus who will have the responsibility of ensuring that Google stays as the pioneer in introducing technological innovations.

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