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July 24, 2013

Use of Controversial Marketing

Use of controversial marketing
The advertisement of a product is important for the promotion of their business. It can be done through trademarks or logos which is the way of instant recognition. This logo is published at different areas for marketing. The controversial marketing is the unethical way of marketing. The most unwanted form of marketing is the printing advertisements on the industry sponsored educational materials other forms include the printing of brand name in text books as an example or donated materials that contains the brand name.
       The selling of products through unauthorized channels within a certain region is also controversial marketing mostly within the same market. Mostly it happens when dealers purchase large amount of products in a lower price and then sale them back with a higher prices. It is an unfair way of marketing especially for brand owners. It can be done in many different forms and should be banned or legislate should be enacted to avoid it.
     Nowadays some contemporary forms of marketing are being adopted by different companies they use cartoon characters or present gifts in their products which influence their child audience, so that the kids force their parents to buy them the product. Some companies target their teen audience through the use of pop stars images, celebrities and sports icons etc. there is another way of contemporary marketing in which some celebrities support the product which attract their fan audience. The logo of the product is some time printed on materials that are related to children which cause them to memorize easily.
      There are some companies that are promoting their products by providing books on behalf of purchasing their product it like campaign of buy our product and get your books free. This unethical marketing strategy leaves a bad impact. The history is full of examples that have practiced unethical and immoral way for the promotion of their product for selfish results. The worst example of that was a company which promotes smoking to their employees just because their competitors are following anti smoking strategy. These kinds of activities have become a common phenomenon in the global world for which they have a good justification that the existence of moral crisis.
      We cannot blame wholly the marketers and the promoters, the use of advertisements on walls and through pop-ups in a web site is also a controversial way advertisement. Sometimes advertisement through logo is also considered as controversial because of its ubiquity, it is just like an international language that can be understood by everyone even in the areas where English is not spoken and easily recognized by consumers. But the critics call it a spy and consider it controversial since it can be placed in any media sometimes without notification due to its flexibility. According to them it is an injustice with the hard working labors and an ethical way of marketing around the world.

     The controversial marketing by influencing innocent children to force their parents to buy the product, printing pictures of celebrities or sports stars and publishing advertisements on walls and use of other unethical ways for marketing should be avoided by applying legislation.


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